The Verdi trade Union warns of mass layoffs in the public transport. In the public TRANSPORT privatisation, and thus the job loss of many employees, threatened to Verdi chief Frank Bsirske told the German press Agency in Berlin.

the Background is an amendment to the passenger transport act 2013. Companies can secure, therefore, the contract for the transport service. To do this, you need to undertake to operate the network without subsidies.

Verdi is demanding that the Federal government is the rapid implementation of a legislative plan for the protection of employees in the public transport. The corresponding coalition agreement, should finally become law, said Bsirske of the dpa.

In the coalition agreement of the CDU and the SPD, it is provided that regulations be adapted so that local authorities may require the continued employment of the existing workers to the existing working and social conditions.

Bsirske said this would now come. The lead Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU). Shy’m trying to pick but a large package, in which, for example, digital supported mobility with the participation of the car companies should be regulated, said Bsirske. “The take.” Therefore, Verdi’s call to decouple both of these issues. Social and ecological Standards would have to come in view of the expiry of the current public TRANSPORT contracts in the communities quickly on the road. “Otherwise, privatisations of public TRANSPORT and, therefore, mass layoffs are threatened,” said the Union’s Chairman.

The current law provides that the municipalities would have to give the cheapest providers in the contract for the public TRANSPORT, said Bsirske. “That means dumping wages, privatisation, and the threat of redundancies, because the tariff bound in the municipal transport company, which assumes long-term responsibility for Employees and the environment, since are not able to bid.”

It should not be that “cheap provider” to take over the business of the local Bus and railway transport to the detriment of the environment and the workers, the Verdi-Chairman. “Therefore, social and environmental Standards need to be as quickly as possible, and not until the end of 2019 or 2020 introduced.” He said: “In North Rhine-Westphalia are to expire in 2019 and 2020, almost 80 percent of the transportation contracts.”


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