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number of basic security increases receiver (08.46 am)

Lori Lightfoot reigns as the first black woman Chicago (04.38 PM)

Venezuela’s opposition leader Guadió immunity (02.37 PM)

Trudeau raises two Ex-Ministers from the party (02.20 PM)

A380 of Lufthansa has to rise because of hydraulic problem to reverse (01.31 PM)

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+++ 08.46 PM: number of recipients of Basic income support +++

The number of recipients of basic security has risen again. As to the Federal statistics office, in December 2018, nearly 1.08 million people basic financial security in old age or incapacity. This was 1.9 percent more than a year earlier. Well over half of them receive social security benefits because you have reached retirement age. The other half got it because of illness or disability. In may, the Federal Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (SPD) wants to present its legislative proposal for a basic pension.

+++ 08.31 PM: Malaysia’s Ex-Premier Najib for corruption in court +++

Because of corruption and embezzlement of several Hundred million euros from the state Treasury must be responsible for Malaysia’s longtime Prime Minister Najib Razak before the court. In the capital Kuala Lumpur, a first trial against the 65-Year-old began. Further proceedings are to follow. Najib faces life in prison. The background to the affair is a state Fund called 1MDB, which he himself had founded. He should have more than the diversion of 600 million euros to private accounts. The Ex-Premier rejects all allegations. During his tenure, there were allegations against him and also against his wife. Because the Case is now determined in different countries, also in Switzerland, and the United States. In spite of the serious allegations of Najib and his wife for Deposit are free.

+++ 04.44 PM: Christchurch-bomber: authorities consider residence in Germany +++

The German security authorities to the question of whether, and to what purpose is the assassin of Christchurch Germany has visited. To a written question from the Green group Deputy Konstantin von Notz of the investigation, the Federal government replied: “The Federal office for the protection of the Constitution remains in close contact with its foreign partner services, both to the (possible) Links to the assassin to Europe, as well as specific Germany to educate remuneration.”

The 28-year-old suspect Australians had transferred prior to the terrorist attack on two mosques in Christchurch a donation to the Austrian “Identity”. “Personal contacts” to extremists in Austria, he should not have had according to information from the Austrian interior Minister, Herbert Kickl (FPÖ). Also about possible contacts with German right-wing extremists, nothing is yet known.

+++ 04.38 PM: Lori Lightfoot reigns as the first black woman Chicago +++

for the First time in the history of the city of Chicago with Lori Lightfoot (56), an African-American mayor was elected. The lawyer was against the 72-year-old Toni Preckwinkle, the progressive counting of the ballots screams. Lightfoot follows the controversial Rahm Emanuel, who was not a runner. Corruption is in addition to the Violence of criminal gangs and the unequal life circumstances of the Black and White one of the major municipal political issues in Chicago. Preckwinkle was considered to be representative of the Establishment – what was detrimental to your election result. The newly elected mayor Lori Lightfoot was openly supported by the “Chicago Tribune”.

+++ 04.14 PM: So many students without the Abitur as never before +++

The number of students without the Abitur in Germany, a new record. Almost 60 000 people studied by 2017, without the General higher education entrance qualification or technical University entrance qualification acquired. So that has quadrupled in size in the past ten years, as one of the German press Agency, this survey of the CHE centre for higher education development. As in the previous year, mainly subjects from the Legal, economic and social Sciences are available for the students without the OJ. Are in demand, but also engineering Sciences and medicine. The qualification is made at the time of application in the cases of professional practice. The mark can be replaced from the master or specialist examination.. A vocational qualification and sufficient work experience but are always mandatory.

+++ 03.59 PM: New laws in force: Gays in Brunei the death penalty +++

threatening, Despite the international criticism since Wednesday in the Sultanate of Brunei tougher criminal laws are in force. Homosexuals are threatened in the Southeast Asian state in the future, the death penalty. Who Sex has been of the same sex, must expect to be stoned to death. Be aggravated, the penalties for theft: in the Future, thieves have to expect them to be amputated hands and legs. This is based on the Sharia, which regulates in a broad sense, the religious and legal norms in Islam. The authoritarian ruling Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah – with assets of many billions of Euro, one of the richest monarchs in the world – had in 2014 begun imposing Sharia law.

+++ at 02:37: Venezuelan opposition leader Guaidó loses parliamentary immunity +++

Venezuela’s constitutional Assembly has lifted the parliamentary immunity of opposition leader Juan Guaidó. The Assembly, which is firmly behind the controversial head of state, Nicolás Maduro, was unanimously a request of the Supreme court. Guaidó had previously said he feared his arrest, should he lose his parliamentary immunity. Against the self-proclaimed transitional President, the investigation of the allegation to the office of the heads of state unlawfully seized to run. The justice accuses Guaidó in addition, in February, in spite of an order to leave the country lock, leave, and have a number of South American countries visited. Around 50 States recognize the 35-Year-old Guaidó now, including Germany, the USA and a number of South American countries.

+++ 02.20 PM: Trudeau accuses two Ex-Ministers from the party +++

Canada’s head of government, Justin Trudeau in the midst of a corruption scandal two former Ministers excluded from the liberal party. Both Ex-justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould, as well as the former President of the Treasury Committee, Jane Philpott, who had founded in the corruption affair, their resignation due to alleged loss of Confidence in the enlightenment of the Case, would have averted the last of the party and directte conversations with him, denied it, said Trudeau at a party rally in Ottawa. All the confidence the Two had disappeared. Under these circumstances, “you can’t be more part of the team,” said Trudeau their exclusion.

Background are allegations that the investigations by the Ex-Minister of justice, Wilson-Raybould against the company SNC-Lavalin has been suppressed due to corruption and facilitation payments. The case has led to the resignation of Wilson-Raybould, Philpott, and of Trudeaus friend, boss, Secretary, and Advisor, Gerald Butts,.

+++ 01.34 PM: U.S. Department of agriculture stop animal experiments with cats +++

The U.S. Department of agriculture has stopped, according to experiments on cats. The practice had finally been stopped, the Ministry announced in Washington. The animals were part of the research on toxoplasmosis, an infectious disease that affects mostly cats. The organization of the White Coat Waste Project, which is involved against animal testing, had criticized the research in a last month a report published in focus. In the report, it was said, for the research project up to 100 cats would be bred annually. At the age of eight weeks, kittens will be fed with raw meat with toxoplasmosis pathogens. The animals would then, after a few weeks, immune, and you and burned would be killed. This practice is “unnecessary and unjustifiable”, criticized the animal rights activists. According to the report, the Ministry had also animals from Asia buy and kill to feed their Remains to the laboratory cats.

+++ 01.31 PM: A380 of Lufthansa has to because of problem with the Hydraulics reverse +++

Due to a hydraulic problem, a Lufthansa has had to reverse-Airbus A380 from Frankfurt to New Delhi. During the flight a “technical Defect was found on the hydraulic system,” said Lufthansa. Lufthansa-flight, LH760, to this point several hours in the air, and over the Iran was, had returned, therefore, to Frankfurt. The machine with 246 pass landed to act. As usual in such cases, advanced the airport fire brigade. The Lufthansa stressed that the ability to fly and the safety on Board of the machine had been compromised “at any time”. “There is no air and was declared a state of emergency.” Passengers should be rebooked on other flights, and if appropriate in the Hotels.

+++ 00.21 PM: arrest after the murder of US Rapper for Hussle +++

After the murder of the US Rapper for Hussle the Los Angeles police Department has taken a suspect. A 29-year-old man was in police custody, informed the authorities. Hussle was shot dead on Sunday in a Parking lot in Los Angeles. The shots were fired in front of a clothing shop, whose co-owner was a Hussle. The alleged perpetrator was with the Rapper in the dispute, notified chief of police Michel Moore, according to the “Los Angeles Times”. He then pulled a gun and shot. Two men had been injured. For more information on the possible source of the Dispute, Moore made. According to the “Los Angeles Times,” came the alleged perpetrator from the environment in which the 33-year-old rapper and should have Connections into the Gang scene.

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