I stand under the shower, my body tingling starts. It is not a slight tingling sensation, spreading from the hands over the arms and then further and further back until the tips of the toes. It’s suddenly everywhere, so as my body would be under power. Not painful, but kind of worrying. Every Time I turn on the faucet.

the Broken door locks – pah!

We just moved in it is fresh and still, I am pleased that the apartment in the suburb of Tunis, only minor flaws. Well, not all of the door locks always work perfectly, which is why I have hidden in each room, thin hangers, so you can break free from a hakendem castle closed room, because the Windows are all barred, and the way to escape it is blocked. By the time I’m not, this has now even an expert, to free me from the locked rooms, I’ve even made it already in other apartments and houses. You have to see it positive. And functioning locks are really Details.

check list

With these eight tips, you can spare yourself Trouble with the craftsmen

Of Katharina Grimm

Of the perfect apartment I have less than 30 tours of the adopted. Something is always better it is always. Step one on the way: “Fuck You, perfection!” is made. Finally, there is in our apartment warm water. If only the tingling sensation would be…

I write very carefully, the woman before: “tell me, did you? Or am I doing something wrong?” Your answer comes back immediately: “Sorry, we forgot to tell you. Goes best with Rubber flip-flops in the shower. And even if your abwascht in the kitchen. Is there something going on with the current is not right.” My body is under the shower so really.

When the artisans come, swear I

to the earth As out of a technician seems to forget the lines. And there is, therefore, from time to time minor electric shocks if you touch the taps.

It will not be the first Time that we have a craftsman home. At the beginning, I swear. Sorry, but the German comes through in me. I can’t deal with the – let’s call it – “Service”-the thoughts of some of the craftsmen here in the Arab world.

this is of course not a local Problem. Most of that had been a handyman at home, be in the know. Or I have an extremely motzwütigen circle. But also the President of the Central Association of the German hand has grumbling from the plant itself: the absence of the appointed mandatory in more and more crafts. You could not let anyone start work, he said. Where this is going, I think to myself, you see.

Who can help on the holidays?

craft emergency: how to protect yourself from con men

Clearly, it is not thrown away in Tunisia and the other countries in the Region, the amount of electro-scrap. It is really amazing what you can still fix everything. And my Vespa, I get put in the Garage around the corner for the equivalent of three euros. Since the last visit to the small engine roaring in my scooter actually like a tuned Harley the tank wobbles now display in the clock, if I flash to the right. Empty, full, empty, full.

But what would it do to get upset? The creativity of the excuses are finally no limits. “Not so bad”. “We will make the tomorrow – inshallah – if God wills”.

“The mattress is supposed to be short, my Lord?”, a supplier asks me, as I him on the 20-centimeter-long gap between the bed frame and the freshly-delivered mattress notes. He pulls the mattress to the bottom. The gap is now at the head end. “It fits!” So I curse and swear and deny me.

your TV off, my turn to Simon Kremer: A little Lost in the middle East

Simon Kremer explored the forests of the homeland of mad, and later the deserts of the Arab world. Has retained his naivety until today, and had played, therefore, almost time for the Syrian military team football. It is, therefore, also changes in the Arab robe through the Saxon Switzerland ran. Shortly after that Pegida was founded. Now lives with his wife and daughter in Tunisia and travels as a Journalist through the Middle East. Had to find on the football field and in the delivery room, that you can quickly feel very foreign.

I scream even loudly, as I am with the TV technician on the roof, so that the neighbors come on the road. He should connect the satellite dish and cut just the cable, the landlady, put my cable in your bowl and no longer saw himself then: “I should be connecting to YOUR TV, not YOUR.”

dealing with tradesmen here in the Arab world makes humble. He could also make you crazy or permanently choleric or a permanent gastric ulcer. But who would be helped by that?

With the constant search and desire for perfection, we are hurting ourselves in the end. There are numerous studies and psychologists speak of the “optimization of pressure”. Instead let we feel stressed, we often because there is something disturbing, because we want to optimize things in our lives. At least when you’re trying to a craftsman here, with arguments to address, you understand that perfection is only an Illusion.

The hole would not need to be…

As I have with the TV technician on the roof of I, then the technician and a neighbor short on it also still standing screaming in the first place. The TV still doesn’t work. Neither my, nor the freshly disconnected the neighbor. Sometimes it helps to make that clear.

“The huge hole there in the wall: This is what you have now is not purely drilling need…”, I want to say just yet. But would be gone the hole? We probably have somewhere that you can place in front of it. Inshallah.

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Teodora Torrendo is an investigative journalist and is a correspondent for European Union. She is based in Zurich in Switzerland and her field of work include covering human rights violations which take place in the various countries in and outside Europe. She also reports about the political situation in European Union. She has worked with some reputed companies in Europe and is currently contributing to USA News as a freelance journalist. As someone who has a Masters’ degree in Human Rights she also delivers lectures on Intercultural Management to students of Human Rights. She is also an authority on the Arab world politics and their diversity.


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