The US-Democrats shut out the conservative news channel Fox News of the pre-election debates of their presidential candidate. Party chief Tom Perez based this on Wednesday with the close proximity of the transmitter to US President Donald Trump.

A recently published article of the magazine “New Yorker” had shown an “inappropriate relationship” between Trump, his administration and Fox News, wrote Perez in the short message service Twitter. The transmitter is therefore able to provide a “fair and neutral debate of our candidates unsubscribe”. According to Fox News is not “going to be the media partner” for the pre-election debates of his party.

Fox News should be excluded? US President, Donald Trump reacts angrily

Trump reacted angrily to the announcement of the political competition. “I think I’m going to do the same with the Fake News channels and the radical left of the Democrats in the election debates,” wrote the President on Twitter.

Fox News has long been for its close proximity to the President, Trump known. The New Yorker wrote in a much-publicized article, the station had become a kind of Propaganda machine of the President.

In the article, reference is made, inter alia, the dozens of Interviews given by Trump, Fox News, and the performances of Fox-News-star presenter Sean Hannity on Trumps page. The transmitter should not have omitted, therefore, even in 2016, on the publication of a story about the alleged affair Trumps with a porn actress, to the choice of compromise victory.

Trumps favorite stations

Fox News: never before has a TV lay-the transmitter is so much in bed with the White house

The conservative US channel “Fox News” have long been friendly to Donald Trump. How much is the symbiosis between the U.S. government and the TV Station, describes a US magazine. There is even talk of a “state TV”.

Niels Kruse fs / AFP / DPA

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