For many visitors and walkers of the Hamburger Elbstrandes the glacial erratic “alter Schwede” became the new attraction and the new Hotspot for Selfies. An unknown person had painted in the night of Wednesday the huge stone with gold colour and the geological attraction on the Elbe river in the Hamburg district of Övelgönne in the new gloss of radiation.

Even if the stroller is not happy, the action itself was legal. Of the 217 tons of heavy stone is a nature reserve, so it may be damaged or destroyed. The competent authority, “Hamburg Port Authority” (HPA) takes the case and decides in the coming days, if the boulder remains the gold, or to be cleaned.

that’s Why the boulder is in Hamburg, “old Swede”

With 217 tons of weight of the Hamburger giant is the second largest boulder in Germany, directly behind the “stone of Altentreptow” (360 tons). The stone comes from the Elster ice age and has a considerable way behind. From the South of Sweden, he came across the Route of the present-day Baltic sea-a sink to Hamburg.

There he was recovered in 1999, and since 2000 he is at the Elbe river in Hamburg’s West and was baptized because of his background and age, “old Swede”.


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