Due to the death of the students, Otto and warm beer has sentenced a U.S. judge North Korea for the payment of more than $ 500 million (440 million euros). North Korea had made of the torture, hostage-taking and extrajudicial killing of the 22-Year-old guilty, said Beryl Howell of the district court in Washington on Monday. The “totalitarian” Regime in Pyongyang have needs in its “global fraud and its confrontation with the United States” warm beer as a “bargaining chip”, miss.

It is considered highly unlikely that North Korea will pay the penalty to keep the family warm beer. The internationally isolated country is likely to have almost no assets in the U.S. that could be seized to satisfy the judgment.

Otto and warm beer: North Korea denies any mistreatment

the warm beer had been sentenced during a North Korea trip in early 2016 due to the alleged theft of a Propaganda-Posters-to-15 years in a labour camp. He fell under unexplained circumstances, in a coma, and was eventually released. In June 2017 he died a few days after his return transportation to the USA.

His family then brought an action against North Korea. On the basis of a U.S. law that allows lawsuits against foreign governments for actions in which there is no diplomatic immunity.

North Korea has denied any ill-treatment Warmbiers and explained that the Student had contracted a serious food poisoning. Judge Howell noted in her judgment, however, that medical Tests had not revealed any evidence.

Warmbiers neurologist in Ohio came rather to the conclusion that the Student suffered probably due to a minute-long under-supply the brain with blood severe brain damage. Howell explained that this could have been caused by torture methods such as electric shocks or Waterboarding.

feh / AFP

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