Behind the fall of the two dead in the Brandenburg forest, which was found on Monday in an apartment, is probably a Contract killing from the area of organised crime. The “Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung” (MAZ) reported on Tuesday. Among the dead were Serbian citizens, who had been on a “death list” and “shots” have been killed.

The police headquarters Brandenburg wanted to give on demand of the star, not information, of the press, sovereignty lies with the public Prosecutor’s office in Cottbus. This was not reached for comment.

incident in the state of Brandenburg authorities to keep a low profile

“MAZ” wrote of possible Links to Organised crime. In a forest at forest, also shot, had been found in weapons. In addition, one of the two dead was an Informant for the Federal criminal police office (BKA). The BKA denied to the “Lausitzer Rundschau”, to be in the case involved.

citing “several sources from the security sector,” it said in addition, a third Serb was difficult to escape hurt, and I reported to the authorities, the “MAZ”. Similar reported the “Lausitzer Rundschau”: According to the newspaper, a third man on Monday with a helicopter seriously injured in a hospital is supposed to be flown.

reported, such As the RBB, citing the Austrian news Agency APA, handle the case of a “war” between two well-known mafia clans. Montenegrin media have this widespread, citing an unofficial police sources.

The authorities with information about the case covered previously is no information regarding the identity of the victims or the cause of death. The investigators are currently of a violent crime, as it was said in a press release dated Monday. The investigation into the circumstances of death, as well as the background of the fact lead the criminal investigation. Of determination tactical reasons, one could publish currently no additional information, it said.

sources: “Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung”, the “Lausitzer Rundschau”, RBB 24, a Police report, with Material of the news agencies DPA and AFP

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