With a carefully staged visit to a border station in Texas has recruited US President Donald Trump on Thursday for the construction of a wall on the border to Mexico. Behind piled-up plastic – referenced cash and a table with the seized weapons, including a martial bags full of drugs and confiscated Japanese-built assault rifle – voice of Trump in the city of McAllan again by a “security crisis” in the border region, and defendant is a “huge flood of illegal immigration, drug trafficking, trafficking in human beings”, which could only be through the construction of the wall stopped. He again threatened to declare the national state of emergency, should not abandon the opposition Democrats finally their resistance against a brick wall. The CNN Reporter Chris Cillizza has analyzed the statements of the President during his visit to Texas and the most amazing quotes selected and commented. Here is a selection of them:

1. Trump: “this Morning a number of people and said: ‘You really need a very strong border security and a wall or whatever.’ A number of Democrats said that, but the people don’t like it, to report it.”

Cillizza: “I have no public proof that Democrats came out on Thursday morning and said can have found that we need a wall. And I’ve been looking for.”