The candidate of US President Donald Trump for the office of the attorney General, William Barr, does not want to stop the Trump sharply criticized Russia-investigations by the FBI in advance.

“Under my supervision, Bob (FBI-special investigator Robert Mueller) allowed to carry on his work to the end,” said Barr (68) at the time of his hearing in the Senate on Tuesday. Barr disagreed with trump’s assessment that it was a “witch-hunt”. “I do not believe that Mr. Mueller would be involved in a witch-hunt.”

The Senate must confirm Barr in the office. A vote on the personnel decision is expected next month. Barr said Tuesday that he knew Mueller for 30 years and was friends with him. On the question of whether he thought Mueller for impartial, he said: “Absolutely.” Trump has accused Mueller of multiple conflicts of interest and him in the vicinity of the opposition Democrats pushed.

Mueller looks at the possible Russian influence on the presidential election campaign in 2016. It is also a question of whether there was collusion with the Trump camp and representatives of Russia. Barr said on Tuesday: “I believe that the Russians have interfered in the elections have tried to interfere, and that we must get to the bottom of this.” He also pointed out that Trump has denied any collusion with Russia.

Barr made it clear that he did not want to keep a final report Mueller’s under lock and key. He’s going to be so much of it to the public, as permitted by the regulations. Barr assured, Mueller with the necessary resources.

The current Minister of justice Jeff Sessions had to go in November after months of criticism of the President. Trumps of dissatisfaction was, among other things, therefore, that the Sessions had explained in the Mueller-investigation, for self-conscious, and the supervision of his Deputy, Rod Rosenstein passed. Barr was already the beginning of the 1990s, the Minister of justice under President George H. W. Bush.