If the knew the immigration office: Emma Torres, a former employee of Donald trump’s Golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, is said to have been concealed by their superiors in front of the Secret Service, because they are staying illegally in the United States. Other black workers, the authority had not been reported for the mandatory background checks. With these investigations, the Secret Service checks visit in the run-up to the President whether to present a risk. The reports the “New York Times” and the “Washington Post”.

entry list for the Secret Service is incomplete

The specific incident to relate to a visit from Donald Trump to the year 2016. Torres, originally from Ecuador, had been from the personnel Department asked to provide your personal information for the release testing. Since she couldn’t due to their illegal stay in the United States, was her Name – as well as the other illegal Workers – from the message list for the Secret Service deleted, so Emma Torres in the “Washington Post”.

Should the accusations be confirmed, they would be for the White house several times embarrassing. For one thing, Donald Trump is pursuing not only as a US President, a particularly rigid rate compared to immigrants without papers. Should one of his companies knowingly people without a work permit to employ or have employed, would be liable to prosecution. In addition, the Secret Service would have to also ask, how can it be that such a slip is in spite of extensive precautions, and tests seem to holes.

it is Illegal to be the managers of known

In the election campaign, Donald Trump at the opening of its new Hotels in Washington, said that his company “has not a single Illegal. And everyone knows it.” But just last week, several women were trampled to the Public, have claimed that they had been working without a legal residence status for the Trump organization. According to Emma Torres, who wants to have among other things worked in the kitchen, was also, at least some of the managers of the company known.

Meanwhile, the judiciary is the suspicion that in trump’s flagship Golf club immigrants work without papers, or worked. An Immigration specialist lawyer from Newark, said the “Washington Post” that he already had five clients defend, to have worked in Bedford. Also, the FBI and the Prosecutor’s office of Newark determined, apparently, in these cases. The Trump organization has not commented yet on the allegations.

children of illegal immigrants

Trump breaks – Melania and Ivanka cooked for the President soft?

in The end the pressure was too big – Donald Trump ended the rock-hard dealing with children of illegal immigrants. Seem to have induced him his wife and his daughter. However, it eliminates a Problem that he created.

Niels Kruse nik

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