and it grabs Donald Trump, and then he beat himself so properly on the shoulder. 23. March 2016, it was still in the election campaign, he announced, for example, that no one could better fight terrorism than he is. An evidence of this, he remained guilty for a long time. Now, however, the President of the U.S. now the U.S. troops from Syria. Justification: The Islamic state is defeated. “I have added the IS more damage than any other President before me, even remotely,” he writes self-consciously. It is the typical Trump-reaction. Only at against the wind of the U.S. President really is blossoming. And blows him just right to the ears. And also from the right direction.

One of the last people mag

the Establishment of a TRANS-Atlanticists, Europeans, Nato, the Opposition – hardly a serious voice in the areas of military and foreign policy Trumps solitary trigger decision. His defense Minister – one of the last people with foresight in Washington’s Cabinet his office. Out of Protest or desperation, or both. For Trump, the matter is perfectly clear. He doesn’t understand why U.S. soldiers in distant countries to distant countries to fight. “America first” he had promised in the election campaign and now he is delivering – and if one should be happy about it, then Steve Bannon Trumps age chief Advisor and Neo-nationalism-architect.

Bannon, meanwhile, in terms of encouraging the existing conditions of the world to Jack Putz tour, may sit in the White house, but his doctrine of the create Chaos, and by the end of global trade, it has been planted successfully in the US President. He was once a Leninist: “Lenin wanted to destroy the state,“ he says. “That is my target. The destruction of the Establishment.” “Disruptive populism” is what the former Journalist, this destructive method, in his dream: the Renaissance of nationalism. And the President of the U.S. works the necessary To-do list.

Everything that does not harm others, is well

Trump applauded loudly the Brexit and called, because he was not even as US President sworn in, the Nato “obsolete”. He caused a Commotion at the G7 and G20 Meetings, and rose to international agreements: trade treaties, the Paris climate Treaty to the nuclear deal with Iran. The United Nations, he puts money where he can. Each of these steps has made Trump under loud Boos, but before the Unthinkable, he is not averse to making a Treaty of peace with Jerusalem as capital of Israel to recognise it. The former developer back to like as a global wrecking ball – even at the risk that he will harm the USA more than good – in the medium or long term.

military use

Donald Trump announces troop withdrawal from Syria

Ironically, it is his hated predecessor, Donald Trump could learn how to withdrawing U.S. troops Overseas. Also Barack Obama had promised to end wars and repeated from 2011, the GIs from Iraq back home. But the US has not had this unwanted war, brought to properly end but canceled. The country has not done the decision is particularly good. The situation in Syria is of course a other, also, the Americans are there, just with a couple of Thousand people – nevertheless, the deduction will leave a gap, the explosives.

And what happens now?The USA to be without the Need of their presence in the part of the Middle East. And likewise, in the Hindu Kush, because even the US soldiers in Afghanistan.In Syria Trump leaves the allies of the Assad regime – Russia and Iran – the field. Vladimir Putin and the Mullahs in Tehran will be pleased.But both the US and the close allies of Israel in the lurch, in front of the door now the arch-enemy of Iran, can spread.The Syrian Kurds, one of the most reliable and effective Partner to the Americans, leaving Trump with his deduction of the Turks, who now has free rein to invade their territories.The fairly safe attack of the Nato-partner Turkey to the Kurds, who were in turn equipped from Germany with weapons, it will pose in a military Alliance, the question of what to do with this Turkey.

in Short: Donald Trump reveals friends, instead of enemies such as Russia and doesn’t care about the Chaos that he causes. His Fans will celebrate him for it. And, of course, Stephen Bannon, the it is probably no matter who sets the world on fire. They don’t call him in vain the Prince of darkness.

resignation letter wording

slap in the face for Trump – with these words, Mattis explains the reasons for his resignation

In his values, resignation letter, notice of defence Minister James Mattis of the foreign policy of Donald Trump is. His letter throws a spotlight on the apparently chaotic processes in the White house.

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