With the mockery of his political opponents there is such a thing. Who is not free from its own misconduct runs the risk that the malice falls on him. An example of this kind provide US President Donald Trump and his potential democratic Challenger in the election, in 2020, Joe Biden.

The former US Vice-President Biden had to fight in recent days, with allegations of several women. The accused the 76-Year-old, he acted in the past, grip – through uninvited physical proximity, or unwanted caresses as a Pat on the back of the thigh or a kiss on the back of the head.

“Social norms change”

Two women accuse him of übergriffiges behavior. Ex-Vice President Biden praised the improvement


In a Video of the former Deputy of President Barack Obama published on Wednesday on Twitter, he vowed improvement. He will in the future have more respect for the personal space of the people, Biden said. He had always tried to make a connection to people. “I shake hands, I hug people, I believe men and women to the shoulders and tell them, ‘You can do this.'” He had always been. But he understood that had changed the social norms in handling the personal space of people.

Donald Trump gives his two cents

Trump could not resist a response. On Thursday, he tweeted a modified and shortened Clip of Biden’s message, the had done before in the network, the round, to his nearly 60 million Followers. Therein, the Passage in which he shake his practice of hands and hugs describes emerges in the case of Bidens, an animated Biden sneaking up to the real Biden, him from the rear, the hands on the shoulders and a kiss on the back of the head. To Trump wrote back in large letters, the comment: “Welcome, Joe!”

“The fattest, ugliest son of a bitch in space”

Trump knows quite exactly how it feels to be in public the assault nature accused. Several women have accused him of in the past sexual harassment, which rejected Trump’s back. During the election campaign of 2016, an old audio recording was also made public that Trump expressed offensive and derogatory about women – and about that he could touch her everywhere. Trump apologized afterwards – at least half-heartedly – and described the comments as “changing rooms-talk”.

Biden, in turn, was one of those who attacked Trump because of these contradictions violently. Still around a year ago, Biden said in a speech at a University: “When we were in High School, I would bring him behind the gym and him green, and blue beat.” Biden’s relentless judgment: “I was my whole life in many of the locker room. Any type that has so spoken, was usually the fattest, ugliest son of a bitch in space.”

Now is Biden, who is on the verge of deciding whether he wants to compete in the election, in 2020, self-criticism, even if due to far less severe allegations. And Trump responded with a retort to the ridicule of the time, what arouses kicks memories of his own failed. The risk that you could catch up with your mockery of this subject again, probably both.

Meanwhile, responded Biden to ridicule from Trump. “I see you are at work, and as always presidential,” he commented sarcastically on Twitter.

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