note: This article first appeared on 22. March 2019 in the star. On the occasion of the process launch, we will publish it again.

It is outrageous, what is accused of Lohne, the office of the attorney General Jennifer W. out: The 27-Year-old is to be as IS a member for the death of a five-year-old girl in Iraq responsible. 2014 was connected to Jennifer W. in Iraq, the terrorist organization Islamic state (IS). In the following year, in the summer of 2015, she bought with her husband a five-year-old girl, a prisoner of war, and as a slave. When the girl was sick and einnässte, chained to her husband, the child, according to Federal prosecutors, in Free, and left it “in scorching heat, in agony of thirst”. From the 9. April must answer Jennifer W. in front of the higher regional court of Munich for murder and of committing a war crime. You should stand by and have watched how the girl died.

“she was bored.”

Jennifer W. lived in Lohne, lower Saxony with his mother and grandparents. The family was Protestant. Jennifer W. is not to be religiously been educated. In school she was poor performance and misconduct, had to repeat the class multiple times. In the 9. Class you left school without a degree. You went after that, any regulated work. “She was bored, was on the search. If they would not convert to Islam, she would have connected well to the PKK,” says a well-Known. Over the Internet she met Islamists, converted, was allegedly seen, as she is veiled supply by Lohne. On the Turkey you travelled in August 2014 in Iraq, according to the indictment, the IS. As a kind of Customs police officer she patrolled, according to the U.S. attorney’s office in the evening in Fallujah, and Mosul, through Parks, rebuked women, contrary behaviour and dress rules of the IS. Had a high-school dropout Jennifer W., who knew to start in Lohne, apparently, anything right with your life found, at last, a task you completed? She met her husband, a peer Iraqis. As he ankettete the five-year-old girl, was Jennifer W. grant, according to the office of the attorney General “to her husband and did nothing to rescue the girl.”

murder by omission

IS the lead in Munich before the court – the indictment describes the gruesome scenes

The charge is murder by omission: An alleged ISIS supporter in Munich before the court, the indictment describes a cruel act.


Jennifer W. was pregnant, returned to Germany and brought their child here to the world. As she wanted to return to Iraq, she told the driver she should travel abroad with the car, in the English language of the five-year-old girl and how it had come to death. What Jennifer W. did not know: The driver was a V-man, that bugged the car. As the young woman from Lohne in January 2016 in Ankara at the German Embassy new identification papers requested, she was arrested and sent to Germany to be deported.

the lawyer, puzzled over murder charge

Since then, she sits in the prison of Vechta. She gets regular visits from her mother and her lawyer Ali Aydin from Frankfurt. Already, according to the documents his client had tried to prevent the death of the girl, he says. “It’s not you can’t, you punish”, it would have said to her husband. “But she was not in a country in which women so much.” The lawyer is surprised about the fact that the Federal Prosecutor has filed a charge of murder. “What are you supposed to do? The police in Oldenburg calls? Or IS the police?”

Interview with Terror expert

The new strategy of the Islamic state

His client had been “in any way” with the fact agree. “On the one hand we say that women have nothing to report. But when it suits us legally in the stuff, to accuse or to condemn, say exactly the opposite.” Jennifer W. budge, with the narration of the story in the car, apparently. But your story also? A well-Known it describes as a woman who “likes to tell stories and often exaggerates”. There is no body. However, it has been reported recently, a woman claiming to be the mother of the dead girl. She has applied to in addition to applicant approved.

In Jennifer W. lived in Lohne with your family in a quiet residential area on the outskirts of the city. A white-washed house with a landscaped garden. “We have nothing to do with it”, and rejected the suggestion her mother to journalists at the front door. To the question, why is your daughter attached to it, which IS, she says: “we ask ourselves.”

The process against Jennifer W. began on Tuesday morning in front of the Munich higher regional court. The Federal Prosecutor’s office accuses the 27-Year-old from lower Saxony murder (through war crimes and membership in a terrorist Association). The mother of the victim occur in the procedure as a plaintiff; the well-known human rights activist Amal Clooney is one of their lawyers. “Jesidische victims wait too long on your opportunity to testify before the court,” said Clooney, according to a joint communication of the next action and the jesidischen organization, Yazda.

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