Early worth it: Who crawls on Monday morning, well before sunrise from the bed, you can see – under a cloudless sky the full moon a reddish glow. By 5.41 PM, he is located about an hour completely in the core shadow of the earth.

The best weather conditions, there is expected to be approximately in the middle of Germany. From the East-Hesse, through Thuringia to Saxony, it remains, according to the German weather service’s weather mostly clear, apart from the occasional moving clouds fields.

in order To 04.34 PM the full moon starts to enter the penumbra into the core shadow of the earth. “It actually looks as if it would darken part of the moon slowly”, says Carolin Liefke from the house of astronomy in Heidelberg, Germany. By 5.41 PM, the moon is completely in the core shadow. However, he is not completely black, but shimmers a reddish – which is why he is called the “blood moon”. Because the earth’s atmosphere scatters the long-wavelength, red light of the sun to the moon. To 6.44 PM, the moon begins to move from the core shadow in the half shadow of the earth.

can a lunar Eclipse occur only during a full moon. The sun, earth and moon for this Eclipse is exactly on a line.


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