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cover The British police can make a success in a sensational crime. After years of escape, the investigators have tracked down the British Shane O’brien in Romania, and with the help of the local security forces. On Friday evening he was flown to London, where he was presented on Saturday to the judge. The 31-Year-old must answer for itself now in the UK for murder.

In October 2015 is supposed to have stabbed O’brien, the then-21-year-old Josh Hanson in front of a Bar in East code, in the West of greater London. The victim died of severe bleeding in a row of stitches in the neck. Dozens of people were British, according to media reports at the time, a witness to the brutal attack.

Bestial crimes in Hagen

for Decades, the police are looking for a brutal killer – you had him a long time ago in focus

With false papers was on the road fled

After the deadly incident, O’brien with a private chartered plane from the UK, writes the Daily Mail. He should have been in the Netherlands and in Dubai hidden, also in Germany, he has been, possibly temporarily. In February 2017, he was arrested in Prague because of damage to property and assault. Because he was under false papers on the road – he was Italian, he was free again

O’brien was on the “Most Wanted”list of the UK’s National Crime Agency, in 2017, a head was put money of 50,000 British pound was exposed to him. In order to escape the law enforcement agencies, took advantage of O’brien only false documents, but also changed his Appearance. He could grow long hair and wore a full beard. In addition, it has a huge Tattoo on the back of sting, that shows an owl with spread wings, wearing a skull. The Tattoo should probably cover up a logo, he previously had stinging, and you would be able to identify it.

After the announcement of O’brien’s arrest in Romania on 23. March tweeted the mother of the victim, Josh Hanson, at last, the day her son had come.

sources : BBC / Daily Mail / The Sun


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