It should be the happy conclusion of their studies, but the Tradition has cost you the life. In New York, a 22-year-old student died after she fell from about ten meters in height from the bell tower of your University.

Together with fellow students climbed the Sydney m. in the night from Saturday to Sunday, the granite tower on the Campus of Fordham University in the Bronx. Numerous US media, including the “New York Post reports it”.

you wanted to New York from the top

the aim of the group was to get to the top, to touch the bell, and to photograph the city from above – a forbidden Ritual among students that their degree is as good as in the bag. Sydney M. was, however, overthrown in the first floor through an Opening, and with the head on the floor opened.


A pull-up too much: climbing artist crashes at the Video shoot for death

Because of the Close had to rappel down the alert paramedics of the “New York Post” according to the student, with a rescue basket from the tower window. Despite the initiation of rescue measures, the 22 had died of the-Year-old later in the hospital for their severe injuries.

“There are no words to describe the loss of one so young and a lot of vespreche people”, – quotes the “New York Times” from an E-Mail from the University presidents to the students. “I know that you are worthy to be with me for Sydney and your family and loved ones in your thoughts and Prayers.”

The authorities in New York are now investigating how the group of graduates were able to enter the tower. A spokesman for the University said, the access is always locked. The “New York Post” quotes, however, several students, after which the door was not always locked.

A deadly Ritual?

The forbidden visit to the tower should be reported to one of three rituals, through which the students of the Fordham University in the course of their studies: in addition to the ascent, on the Statue of the mascot of the University of popular industry-standard photograph (“you have to ride the RAM”, it describes a student newspaper.) and a fabled tunnels under the Campus to cross.

Sydney M. paid for the night that should be memorable, with your life. The University, which was also US President Donald Trump studied, will give the conclusion now posthumously.

sources: the “New York Post” I, “the New York Post II”, “New York Times”, CNN


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