Donald Trump is now for more than 700 days of the President of the United States, and he remains, in many respects, a man of superlatives. The newspaper “Washington Post” has to be the occasion of his 700. Amtstages on Thursday once again balance to his – well, Yes – the love of truth is drawn. The result: 7546 Trump-statements were according to the census of the leaf so far are either misleading or just plain wrong.

is, Neither his tax cuts, the largest in the history there were millions of illegal voters. And if Trump how in February of 2017, claimed on Twitter that “all of the negative surveys” of his policies were wrong, he clearly the world as it pleases him.

Donald Trump: lying curve rose ahead of the Midterms to

is Particularly steep Trumps lies curve before the elections in November, the “Midterms”. On 5. November he told, according to the “Washington Post” 139 falsehoods, so one every ten minutes – night sleep-not yet.

Shutdown leads to a standstill

Trump wants to speak at the dinner about the crisis, but he forgets the crucial guests

Actually, the facts checker of the Washington Post allegations, which are not quite true a levels, in four categories: a Pinocchio for “to a lesser extent correct,” up to four Pinocchios for the “big lie”. But because Trump is a man of superlatives, expanded the newspaper of your scale. “Bottomless Pinocchio” is the name of the new add-on category. To qualify, must have a rating of a statement with a three or four Pinocchio’s and at least 20 Times. Trump shines in this discipline, such as alleged record-tax reform. An absolute all time favorite, in front of full halls, according to the “Washington Post” 124 Times.

Trump is a sales guy

was So, Trump tells often the truth, is it? This question of the “Washington Post” once the former press spokesman for the President, Sean Spicer. The said that Trump himself had called his technique “exaggerated Hyperbole”, in the Original “exaggerated hyperbole”. Trump is just a sales guy, Spicer.

The Problem: In his book “The Art of The Deal” Trump a very different expression, namely “truthful Hyperbole”, in English “truthful hyperbole”. But it’s good That an Ex-press Secretary is not reported correctly, what is his notorious untruths riding Ex-chief says and writes, even more surprising.

source: Washington Post

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