Theresa May can still win. On Wednesday, they survived the vote of no confidence in the British house of 325 to 306 votes. The Whole thing had, however, something Grotesque: Many of the members said on Tuesday before and after their devastating defeat at the EU Deal against them, and had denied any expertise, gathered behind her. Not because of the night, a leadership and decision – making strong the Person was, but simply because of the Alternative: head of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn.

your opponent is generally considered to be the greater Evil. The Slippers for you the good news after a series of votes. Visible facilitates you are offered to the parties on the other side of the political spectrum, conversations about the further procedure in the Brexit question. But Labour, liberal Democrats and the Scottish SNP want to only go into negotiations, if the government excludes a No-Deal, about the extension of article 50 of the thinking, or even a second Referendum on the conversation agenda.

Theresa Mays concession sound as soft as wax

It remains, therefore, tricky. British politics reminds increasingly of maleficent. May carries the largest debt. Their set, the house have spoken, and the government will listen, and had been interpreted on Tuesday as a Signal that waidwunde the Prime Minister have come to understand that you can’t govern against the Parliament. The next day, as the dust continued to slow, and observers hoped that the noise I adjusted the end of the defeat, perhaps the fronts a little, it became clear that nothing is clear.

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Theresa May survives confidence vote


May stood in front of the Parliament, responded to the recent questions of the deputies, but the only concession, you came to the time on the lips, the sound as soft as wax and empty: she wanted to understand the view of the parliamentarians, “and from this identify, what is to be for greater support for the EU Deal is necessary“. What should always mean the. A government spokesman said then that May have no intention to change their course: It is no to the customs Union.

The Minister of dashes, May be corrected

questions roared down on them, it always went back to their Plan B, you must present next Monday, and the longer the game lasted, the more painful had the. It was almost as May Corbyn wool encourage, in the evaluation, you will be leading a “Zombie government“. The lessons of a dark night.

“Order, Order”

The bizarre customs of the British house of Commons – and what they mean


The Plan B, so much resembles the course of the day, clearly, is not (yet) your brute, The Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, stated to be a failed Plan A. after talking with the colleague, quite resigned, May cling to their infamous red lines, as had happened on Tuesday.

After all, Chancellor of the exchequer, Philip Hammond indicated in a telephone conversation with representatives of the British industry, the EU-exit date on the 29. March could also be moved. What took the first be reasonably satisfied to the knowledge of marriage, of course, his Boss May corrected as: Nothing.

Warm words of Ex-Prime Minister David Cameron

One step forward, one step back. This goes on for weeks and months. Clear announcements came only from Brussels, and indeed in such a way, that London was on the train, and, please, please finally clear to Express what it wants. But that won’t happen likely until the beginning of next week.

You will now have to wait and see whether the Prime Minister – fills in first – her offer of talks to the Opposition with the content. And if – secondly – the other parties to take part. The ordinary citizen is not so much the obstruction is long.


a lesson for the EU

The Brexit-the Chaos of what can cause a populist policy

Dieter Hoß

Should solidify both sides continue to stalemate, could take next week, the MP in the Hand and the speaker of the house, John Bercow, encourage colleagues to actively with additional applications, movement in the knotty Stuff.

Oh, and one of them was yesterday after a months-long Silence by a BBC Team and to coerce a Statement: David Cameron, may’s predecessor, had promised his people in 2015, after his election victory as a supposed gift to the EU Referendum. Cameron stood in front of his house and stated that he did not regret the Referendum. Thereafter, the insured May still its solidarity and wished her success for the vote of no confidence. Then, the former Premier of jogged. You could also say: He was once again out of the dust.