With their new majority in the U.S. house of representatives approved the democratic budget draft at the end of the “shutdown” of Parts of the government. Republican members voted in the vote on Thursday evening (local time), almost closed against the draft, which does not contain the US President, Donald Trump demanded funds for the construction of a border wall. The White house had already made before the vote it clear that Trump will reject the proposal for an end to the budget freeze.

The budget office of the White house with shared, should be submitted to the draft to the President, “would advise his advisers, he put in a Veto against the law”. One end of the “shutdown” is still not in sight, in addition, trump is the Republicans in the Senate continue to be the majority. Also, the second chamber of Congress – the US Parliament – would have to agree the draft budget. For almost two weeks now, the budget is shutting down the armed parts of the US government.

“Shutdown” lasts two weeks

With the design of the Democrats, for the funding of eight of the nine from the “Shutdown” of the ministries concerned until at the end of the financial year on 30. September ensured. The Department of homeland security in its area of responsibility falls to the border security – would be only up to 8. February financed. The Democrats argue that in order for a good month would be to resolve the dispute, while the full government would be able to return to work.

Shutdown in the U.S.

No travel, no hotels, no a narc – a little history of the Government shutdown

Niels Kruse

Now, the dispute goes to the next round: Trump has invited top representatives of the Democrats and Republicans on Friday to the White house, to search for a solution. A top meeting on Wednesday had not led to a breakthrough.

As a result of the conflict, a part of the government is at a standstill for almost two weeks because Republicans and Democrats with Trump is not on the extension of the budget law. Because of the budget hundreds of thousands of government inhibit officials in the forced leave, or you will need to work without salary.

“Nothing for the wall”

Nearly two months after the congressional elections, the house of representatives and the Senate came together on Thursday to their constituent meetings. As Chairman of the house of representatives Trump was sworn-in opponent Nancy Pelosi.

Trump calls for more than five billion dollars for the construction of a border wall in the budget law. The Democrats reject the financing of a wall, categorically. After the tip had told Pelosi the NBC meeting on Wednesday: “Nothing for the wall.”

Trump said on Thursday during a surprise appearance in front of journalists in the press room of the White house: “We need protection in our country.” The President added: “The people in our country want it.” The President moved, however, a further Change of the concept of the wall, the refusal of the Democrats to power, among other things. “You can call it a barrier, you can call it what you want,” said Trump.

Nancy Pelosi

she is now trump’s main opponent – and at the same time, the personalized Problem of the Democrats

Nancy Pelosi is by virtue of their office to the main opponent of US President Donald Trump. But the hopes of the Democrat is not. To go out of fashion rather the opposite: too old, too Establishment.

Niels Kruse

The President presented the appearance before journalists several US border guards, which promoted in unison for a wall. The President of the National Border Patrol Council, Brandon Judd, said: “Through my work on the southwest border, I can tell you personally that the physical barriers that walls actually work.”

Pelosi was elected on Thursday with a majority of 220 of the 430 votes cast, the Chairman of the house of representatives. The 78-Year-old spoke after the vote a “historic Moment” and said in view of the congressional elections in November: “two months Ago, the American people have spoken and a new dawn.”

Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi want to cooperate

The Republicans Pelosi cooperation offered. “We will strive, on the aisle in this chamber and the divisions in our Nation and across the Hand to reach out.” She pleaded, “that this Congress will be transparent, non-partisan and uniting”.

in Spite of the dispute by the wall Trump Pelosi congratulated for the Adoption of the presidency in the house of representatives. The inauguration was “a tremendous, tremendous achievement,” said Trump in the White house. “Hopefully we will work together, and many things like infrastructure and so much more to do.” In the past, Trump had attacked Pelosi violently.

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