In a surprising troops in Iraq US President Donald Trump has confirmed his withdrawal plans for Syria. “The United States cannot be the world’s policeman,” said Trump on the air force base at al Asad. At the same time, the President openly held the possibility of future military action against the jihadists militia Islamic state (IS) in Syria. At the time of its return travel in the United States, the President laid a short stopover in Germany.

Chaos in the Pentagon

Top General admits that he had “no idea” what Trump

Gernot Kramper

no plans “It is fair that the burden is entirely on us,” said his wife Melania accompanied Trump on the U.S. base in the Western Iraqi province of Anbar. “We no longer want to be exploited by countries that use us and our incredible military, in order to protect you. You don’t have to pay for it and you need to.”

The US said the army was not heard in the countries, “of which most of the people again,” Trump. “Frankly, this is ridiculous.” His plans for a full withdrawal from Syria Trump defended in order that the use, in the meantime, “had been given enough time”.

After trump’s announcement threw the defence Minister

in Front of journalists Trump reiterated that a withdrawal of troops from Iraq was not planned. The Land could instead be used as the base for possible future military operations against the IS in Syria will be used: “If we see that the IS doing something that don’t like us, we can’t strike so fast and so strong that you even notice what’s happening to them.” The United States could, if necessary, return to Syria “and help”.

Trump had announced that all of the approximately 2000 American soldiers in Syria to be deducted. He justified his decision by saying that the IS was “largely defeated”.


reactions to Mattis-retreat

“One has the vague feeling, a witness to a Zerstörungsakts”


Trumps strategy met with the Western allies to significant criticism. In the USA it is controversial: According to trump’s announcement, Minister of defense of Jim Mattis handed in his resignation. Also, the US special envoy for the fight against the IS militia, Brett McGurk, his Post earlier than originally planned. For anxiety plans Trumps, around half of the 14,000 stationed in Afghanistan, US soldiers also have to be deducted.

A week after his Syria announcement traveled Trump now on the second day of Christmas in Iraq and thanked the U.S. soldiers for their service. For security reasons, the trip had not been announced, as usual, in advance.

A stopover in Rammstein

It was the first Time since his arrival, was nearly two years ago that Trump US soldiers visited in a combat zone. He had this contrary to the practice in the US policy so far had earned him a lot of criticism. Journalists Trump admitted that he had security concerns with a view to the President and the First Lady, “for me personally”.

withdrawal from Syria

Trumps surprising military arrangement – a clear criticism of his own party

A targeted Meeting with the Iraqi head of government, Adel Abdel Mahdi did not materialize. Both of the phone but. The US President invited the Mahdi to a visit to Washington, like trump’s spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said. In addition, US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo on 11. January to Baghdad travel.

At the time of his return flight with Air Force One in the United States, Trump has made in the night, a stopover on the U.S. base in Rhineland-Palatinate Ramstein. There he met a US soldier and let them take a picture.

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