One of the two U.S. senators introduced proposed law provides that convicted animal abusers by name, face and other individual characteristics are collected for all accessible site. Similar to the existing register for sex offenders therein, each popping up, the power of such a crime, guilty. As the start date of the 1. January, 2020.

first-time offenders would be listed for two years, repeat offenders for five. Also, it would be banned and the latter, also for five years, to keep a pet.

animal cruelty or life-saver?

What’s behind the scandal video from Russia

is Already since 2015, a similar scheme for the state of Tennessee there exists, however, with the limitation to purely physical acts of violence towards animals. 15 persons are currently listed on this page.

In the year 2018, there were in North Carolina, about one hundred in the case of court proceedings, in which, after the condemnation of the perpetrators, the criteria for the Online pillory were met, there would be a law like that in Tennessee.

“cruelty to animals” is widely

passed The new legislation goes even beyond this and also covers Offences against animals, which are not committed with direct physical violence. In the event of cock fighting, the use of unsuitable dog leashes, or the transport of Animals were in small containers including.

According to the ABC, who reported first on the law project, would also qualify for the animal holder of the following If the pillory: The woman from the village of Cary in North Carolina are cruel to animals acts in the sense of the animal protection law committed by simply ten left her to the care provided to the horses on your family plot of land to starve to death. She was apparently able to afford the expensive care and feeding of the animals.

In Germany not conceivable

among the supporters of the proposed law Camalee scarpitti that suggests from the animal protection organization “Horses for Hope”, as ABC reported. You think that the Online pillory will ensure that all domestic and farm animals are appropriate to be dealt with. You have to care for abused horses and know how hard it is for animal and owner, to the abuse of a livable and relaxed to find dealing with each other: “as soon As I attach, for example, a little fast for my Hand to RUB on one of the previously tortured mares flinch immediately anxious. Although I have had this horse for eight years, I realize still, that her someone before this time heavy suffering must have been inflicted.”

other U.S. States have already announced to want to similar legislative proposals. In Europe, especially in Germany of such offense or crime pillory from various legal considerations are not would, not least from aspects of the people, is unthinkable.

source: ABC


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