Mr. Miller, we are meeting at the International Green week in Berlin. Your Ministry has an own hall. Here it comes to Africa. Why did you focus on?

Muller: Africa, 100 Times as big as Germany, is a major challenge for the future. By which I mean: also for our future. Important foundations of our industry come from our neighboring continent, for example, copper, Coltan and cobalt. No car and no Smartphone would work without these resources. Here at the Green week, but when it comes to food, coffee, cocoa, bananas. And grasshoppers are fried later.

The Motto of hall is “a world without Hunger is possible – with fair purchasing and fair production!” You really believe that?

Miller: Yes, a world without Hunger is possible today. An example: In many countries half of the harvest is lost. It rots in the fields or in bad Bearings. We can solve this. We have the Knowledge and the technology. So, we can help to educate the farmers in modern farming methods, the food on-site to process and to open up new markets. I am convinced that Hunger is murder. Who is watching, as hundreds of thousands starve to death, for the complicit.

CSU-Minister and the Supermodel

Toni Garrn, you have a special relationship to Africa…

Toni Garrn: I’ll come back straight from Ghana.

you have taken on sponsorships. How many children do you have?

Toni Garn: Currently four. Sponsorships I’ve been since I was 16. With the 20 I started with Plan International to work more closely together. I was for four years Ambassador for the movement “Because I am Girl” and the current “Girls get equal” campaign. My focus is on the education of girls.

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are you in contact with the four children?

Toni Garrn: Yes, of course. A girl in Zimbabwe, I have visited two Times. The first Time I recorded them. Since she was four years old. The second Time a year ago, since she was six. It is something Special to learn the girl, to see how she lives and to know that my gifts will arrive really in your.

What you need to bring together both: the CSU-Minister and the Supermodel?

Mueller: We can make both of us together for Africa – especially for the women. Toni Garrn is a long time for the empowerment of girls and young women. That’s why I asked you to be our Ambassador. This is incredibly important, because on the shoulders of the girls and women of Africa rests hope for a better future.

Toni Garn: I support many projects that have to do with agriculture. Almost every family, which I support farmers. The women and girls toil all day on the field and in the household, you get water, often have to run many kilometers to the nearest well. When I was recently in Ghana, I asked the girls in the school, “Who comes from a peasant family?” 29 of 30 raised their hands. And when I asked: “Who wants to be a farmer?”, since no reported.

In most African countries, there is still child labour in Ghana, there are 1.2 million. The vast majority of work in agriculture. Mr Müller, how do you end this misery?

Miller: By I announcement of exploitative child labor the fight. Every company can and must make its supply chain so that child labour is excluded.

that’s the theory…

Miller: I know. The reality is: 150 million children have to work day in and day out. You toil for products, to buy with us. In West Africa, 2.3 million children work on cocoa and coffee plantations.

A Kilo of coffee in Germany will cost ten to twelve euros. How much of that the farmers get?

Müller: Only 50 cents. Of the families can not live on the plantations. Therefore, the children need to cooperate. We can change that but if we have to pay subsistence prices for our coffee.

Toni Garrn: that’s Why we appeal to all consumers: Please buy fair.

woman Garrn, if you are in Africa, you see children working?

Toni Garrn: Yes, all the time. The children and young people say to me: “I can go to school, I must help my mother’s house. If I don’t help, we have nothing to eat.”

Buy Fair Trade products?

Toni Garrn: Yes.

this Is all about your Job? You travel a lot, you are constantly on the road. In the last few weeks, from Costa Rica, Ghana, New York, Hamburg and Berlin today.

Toni Garrn: The are, thank God, the places where this is possible. Okay, in New York, a fair-trade Cappuccino also costs eight dollars. I’ll try my Best not to land in the big chains. But it is not always possible.

Mueller: We have achieved in the last years. Meanwhile, 60 percent of cocoa, the country sold chocolate is made fair. In the case of coffee, unfortunately, we are only at 10 percent. The objective must be 100 per cent in the next five years.

Drag-Aldi, Lidl, Edeka or Rewe?

Muller: It’s what is really ’in motion. “Fair” is the new Trend. Lidl in order to, for example, completely to fair trade bananas. This is a huge Signal. But, unfortunately, there are also a large German group that goes exactly in the other direction. The die purchasing prices for bananas in Colombia and Ecuador by a further ten percent to push.

This group is called Aldi.

Müller: Who will buy a Kilo of bananas for 89 cents, you must know that at the beginning of the chain is no existence that will paid wage. The need to know that the yield rule and regulatory conditions on the plantations Lord. This needs to be changed.

How can the consumer be sure that he buys the “good Bana-nen”?

Müller: Look at the Label. In the case of Fairtrade, for example, existence of paid living wages and to apply high Standards against child labour.

Also in the case of apparel you set on the label with a new label. It is called “Green button”. What time is depend on the first T-Shirts and pants in the stores?

Muller: The goal is that the Green button will still be introduced this year. He will be a Leitsiegel. Currently, consumers can drawings sustainable fashion in the variety of different characteristics very difficult to detect. The Green button is here to provide guidance. I hope the consumers make pressure. Three-quarters of the German sustainability is in fashion is important. I think it would be good if these customers are asking every time you shop: Why don’t you have the Green button on it. No textile suppliers in Germany will not be able to explain why he agrees with and living wages pays.

woman Garrn, if you buy clothes, how important to you is Fairness in the production? Or you have to wear the pieces that you hang them on the hangers?

Toni Garrn: I make sure. I am often furnished by brands. But if I buy, I buy from brands I trust. Fur I do not wear. I live a semi-vegan, “vegan plus fish”.

Mr. Miller, as credible as the seal and certificates. As can be tampered with, and cheated? Müller: in the past, maybe. Today, in the age of digitization, it is becoming less and less possible. Since you can track products all the way to the factory. Each of the braces, however, have to explain to the customers why he does not want to guarantee that no children work in a jacket or a blouse. Germany should go ahead and Standards set the and Europe should follow.

you do not sound like a CSUler but as a NGOler.

Miller: Why? Europe and sustainability are the core themes of the CSU. There must always be a wave crusher. Toni Garrn and I go ahead now and put signals.

woman Garrn, what will you do today with the Minister?

Toni Garrn: I would like to taste on the stalls, everything. The chocolate is the highlight.

Mueller: I am looking forward to the Moment when we eat fried grasshoppers…

Toni Garrn: Oh, I try, even if I am otherwise vegan.