Who is typing on Youtube the words “wild boar” and “Stahnsdorf”, a quick impression of how the theme of black coat moved the people in the South of Berlin. No wonder, then, show the short films, but all the groups of bristles of animals, the walk here in the state of Brandenburg through residential areas – adult animals with the freshly Lingen. Or a hairdresser told how suddenly one day an injured wild boar in your Store raided and have him ruined. “In the South of Berlin, the pigs in Power have wild”, is one of these Video subtitled posts, documenting the difficult relationship between man and pig in the area of Brandenburg.

the black frock feel safe here, you’ll find plenty to eat in corn fields, gardens, and garbage cans. And many a man is feeding the animals, even intentionally. Ideal conditions to replicate properly. “The topic is quite large,” says a spokesman for the Brandenburg Ministry for agriculture in relation to the star, the situation, which some refer to as the wild swine plague.

hunters there are here, of course – but the shooting of the animals is often not possible. Because the area is a mixture of forests and densely populated residential areas, forest and road trains go virtually together. That is why it is here, in many places, much to dangerous to go with the rifle on the hunt. The risk of ricochets and hunting accidents is large.

wild pigs you can’t shoot anywhere with guns

Therefore, Brandenburg dashes here and now, on the southwestern edge of the city of Berlin wants to allow, in the two municipalities, Stahnsdorf and Kleinmachnow, hunting wild pigs with bow and arrow by exception approval. This method of hunting, the reasons everywhere in the animal protection in Germany since 1976, is prohibited, and carries with it from the point of view of the proponents is a clear advantage for: ricochet as gun shots are eliminated, and the hunting method is not accompanied by loud blasting everything in sight. The quiet death for wild pigs.


This is a real capital-pig: A black coat searches Berlin-Tegel to feed.

©Gregor Fischer/ DPA

the debate about hunting with the bow and arrow, the hunting lessee of Stahnsdorf and Kleinmachnow, so the man who is hunting in this area has come across. Peter Hemmerden, in the past few weeks, always a topic in the local press with his high-tech hunting bow that has made the request for the derogation. The Ministry has now granted permission to hunt with bow and arrow from this June for a limited period of time until the next January.

But hunter didn’t Hemmerden draw his bow. Thus, this special “hunting season” can start, the Ministry of agriculture is still an institution elect, which has accompanied the hunting with a bow and arrow and scientifically, and a study, explained the Ministry spokesman. Such an Institute with Expertise in wildlife ecology to the arrow and bow hunting judge, and in the six months to find out whether the method is able to reduce the wild pig population at all, whether it is animal welfare and how the population sees this hunt. The call for such a scientific Partner was out, says the spokesman. He is sure of: as of June, the wild boar of Stahnsdorf and Kleinmachnow be hunted with the bow and arrow. In addition, it is intended to continue but, where possible, the hunting with guns and Traps.

Ten to 20 animals with a bow and arrow

to be shot As many animals will go with this ancient hunting method, à la Robin Hood grace to the collar, is unclear. In an article In the “Lausitzer Rundschau” last week, hunter estimated Hemmerden that he could hunt in his territory per year, ten to 20 pigs with a bow and arrow.

The closer to the start date of the arrow – and bow-hunting gets, the harder the discussion is, though. The “Märkische or newspaper” quoted Archer Hemmerden with the words, he had underestimated the buzz around this type of hunting. The lettering “the bow and arrow is a liar” greased recently, Unknown to the facade of the Stahnsdorfer city hall, and days later was even lit a fire in a high seat.

puzzles harvest time

How many wild pigs are hiding on this recording?

The country’s animal protection Association of Brandenburg, had previously criticized the method of hunting as an “ancient, forbidden method, beyond the protection of animals”. The opponents fear that the hunting with the bow and arrow is inaccurate, and the animals are initially injured, and in agony of their wounds die. Also, the Federal government rejected, according to media hunting, from reports so far, for animal welfare reasons.

hunter Hemmerden held recently in the “Lausitzer Rundschau”: “it is Bad, you can shoot on both types.” Who is controlling the archery, meet internal organs and blood vessels. “The arrow doesn’t get stuck, but by the animal. After ten to 20 seconds, the pig is dead. This is in accordance with animal welfare”, so the hunter who has hunted in this way, it reports several media, in Namibia, an Oryx antelope. Hunting tourism sparked social media outrage. This is also why Hemmerden is activists, many animals might suspect.

with regard to the precision of the hunting, however, is also the spokesman of the Brandenburg Ministry of agriculture has no doubts: “I can shoot with a shot gun next to it, I can shoot a bow and arrow and next to it,” he says. You have to answer it with a bow and arrow very close to the animal – maximum distance is 25 meters. Unlike in Germany, for example, hunted in Spain, Denmark or Hungary very well with the bow and arrow. “We are talking about a Europe-wide proven hunting method“.

now Stream the hunting tourists to the region?

fears that soon all the hordes of “Hobby-Robin-hood” Brandenburg travels, and their arrows, through villages and forests to shoot, according to the Ministry spokesman, unjustified. There could be no “hunting tourism”. Because in the permit, the name would be exactly the hunters are allowed to hunt the animals with the bow and arrow. “This will be about one to three people,” said the spokesman. And others should not.


In Stahnsdorf and Kleinmachnow should be allowed to hunt wild pigs with a bow and arrow

©Screenshot Google Maps

To protect this small group the bow is from Stahnsdorf and Kleinmachnow is expected to also be hunting tenants Hemmerden count who has completed the necessary additional qualification, which you need for this hunt. And he has a special equipment, the cost, according to multiple media 2500 Euro and more in Olympia Mature high-tech remembered as Robin hood’s cross-bow. His so-called Compound-bow has a laser sight with integrated rangefinder, shot arrows with a super-sharp Carbon.

It looks so, as it is uncomfortable for the wild boar in the South of Berlin – and also the range of Youtube Clips with black coats in Stahnsdorf and Kleinmachnow is in the future, maybe not more so to grow as in the past.

sources: “Lausitzer Rundschau”, the “Märkische or newspaper”, “RBB”

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