still in disbelief, the police officers will react in Humboldt County, California, as they recap the events of about two weeks ago: swine Princess has been reported by its owner as a missing person, but soon recaptured and home transports. Since the owner was not the same distance, the officers asked a neighbor if he could not pay attention for so long on Princess, until the owner is back. This replied in the affirmative and then began, without delay, to slaughter Princess.

Unusual bait

giant pig’s moving too much and the police need a creative solution

“she is sweet, peaceful, and happy to find people,” said Princess’ owner Carrie Hogan, the local site of the “Lost Coast Outpost”, which first reported on the case.

Slaughtered and portioned

On a Saturday morning nearly two weeks ago, the nearly 200 kilograms of heavy pig lady Princess ripped from her Stall in the town of Arcata in California. Here and there she paused in some front gardens to eat. Concerned neighbors called the police.

An officer went off to take care of it. As he searched the house pig he found, however, neither a Chip or a mark that revealed something about the origin. During a conversation with a curious local residents, the police officer agreed with this, that the man should watch out for her long on the pig, until finally found an owner. The exact words of the Agreement are as yet unclear. Very clear, however, is what happened next: Within a short time, the residents brought the pig on his own land, slaughtered and portioned it.

house pig Princess was rearing for a hand

Meanwhile, managed the police, Princess’ owner to reach. In this case a search call to on the Facebook page “Humboldt Paws Cause helped”. As he went to pick up the pig lady so, he saw what was now done. “It is with great dismay that we discovered that the pig was slaughtered. However, in conversation with the residents, there were no signs that he could be willing or capable of.” said the local police chief Brian Ahearn in an interview with “Lost Coast Outpost”.

Carrie Hogan and her family moved to Princess once together. In January they celebrated their one-year birthday. She was fed with the bottle, and was initially great in the living room of the Hogans. Princess belonged quite clearly to the family.

police chief Ahearn handed the case, now to the Prosecutor: “at the moment, you examine whether the slaughter was punishable by law. We are clearly of the opinion that Yes, it was.”

sources: “Lost Coast Outpost” / Facebook-page “Humboldt Paws Cause”


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