is A municipality in Bavaria, has bought toilet paper for twelve years in advance, around 1000 euros saved. The business from the year 2006 turned the place Fuchstal, however, major logistical problems. Now the last leaf of the gigantic delivery is to be demolished.

was Only emerged as a semi-trailer with Thousands of roles in the village, was the parish at the time, realized that something had to be wrong. An unsuspecting administrative staff had ignored at the time of ordering simply the size of the packaging unit, such as the mayor, Erwin Karg said on Tuesday. Would be a second truck had just been cancelled, would have swollen the toilet paper stock up to 24 years.

toilet paper delivery division 1000 Euro

The delivery from 2006, but it was also so for the 4000 inhabitants of the municipality of a challenge. For several days, a four-person Team distributed at that time, the toilet paper, of a total value of 6000 Euro in the city hall, schools and other public facilities.

“it is Now consumed the last role”, said Karg on Tuesday, not without satisfaction: “We were thus able to save more than 1000 euros, because in the following year, the wood – and, therefore, toilet paper prices have risen.” In the future there will be toilet paper from a fresh production, in two layers, and white. “Until I got used to it, it will take it times twelve years”, said Karg.

km / DPA

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