What happened in the new year’s eve night in the Goethe street in the tranquil town of Schönberg on the Baltic sea at Kiel. While the people in the terraced house settlement celebrated the turn of the year, sagged suddenly, a 39-Year-old before the eyes of their three young children and her husband with a blood wound on the head and was not responsive.

The alerted ambulance brought the woman to a hospital in the schleswig-Holstein state capital, but the Doctors were unable to save her life. She was “struck by an object on the head”, wrote the police on new year’s day in a first message. On Wednesday afternoon confirmed the public Prosecutor and the police in a further explanation of the Information of the star that Doctors have discovered in the clinic of emergency surgery, metal fragments in the head of the 39-Year-old. “It injured the woman to kill,” said a spokesman for the police.

office of the public Prosecutor speaks of the “incident”

new year’s eve: woman shot in Schönberg near Kiel?

A woman bags on new year’s eve in Schönberg near Kiel abruptly and comes to the hospital. According to the star information, the woman died a short time later. Doctors are said to have found metal shards in the head of the victim.

Tragic end of the new year’s eve celebration in Schönberg near Kiel

The police are no longer out of the castle quickly an accident with a commercial pyrotechnics, illegal fireworks as the cause, you now. With “high probability” that a firearms violation, said Senior Kiel Prosecutor Birgit Hess on star request. The forensic investigation had shown that the metal splinters, parts of a projectile.

The Kiel public Prosecutor’s office and the homicide division of the criminal police in Kiel to determine the exact circumstances of the death. It is unclear, for example, whether it is in the tragic incident of an accident or a deliberate and targeted shot.

To clear up the case of death, to interview officers, among other things, residents in the terraced house settlement. In Parallel, the corpse of the woman to be examined in legal medicine, and the detected projectile-studied parts of the crime technically, to identify the weapon used.

The case brings back memories of the turn of the year 2015/2016. At that time, a 54 had been shot-Year-old in the village under schleichach in lower Franconia, with a Revolver in the night and a girl fatally injured. The shooter should have felt from the noise of the revelers disturbed and, therefore, to the gun. The district court of Bamberg sentenced him to twelve years in prison for murder.

prosecutors and police in Kiel looking for more witnesses, who have watched around the turn of the year in the area of the schöneberger Goethe street Suspects, the plied with a gun. Under the (0431) 1603333 a note phone is switched on.

sources: press release by the police, a press release from the office of the public Prosecutor and the police


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