Numerous parliamentary groups in the Bundestag and members of the Federal centre for political education (BpB) are irritated and upset about the fact that Horst Seehofer’s interior mixes the Ministry in the event the plan of an educational Congress. The BpB Congress originally as a speaker scheduled artist Philipp Ruch from the centre for political beauty had been load at the instruction of the Ministry of the interior of the event.

In the BpB busy, busy, busy since then. Ten of the SPD Bundestag members who are also members of the Board of Trustees of the BpB, sent on Tuesday a letter to Horst Seehofer. In it they demand that Ruch will again be invited. The actions of the interior Ministry, was contrary against the presumption of innocence, stated in the Letter, which is the star. “Especially in politicized times, such as these, the discourse is of enormous importance. You have to handle it”. Therefore, it is important with cross-border artists to discuss, is the appeal to the Ministry of the interior. What it could lead, if the discourse would be spared, pointing to the example of the projection of Fine cream fish fillet in Dessau. The punk band had to cancel their concert in Dessau in November last year for a short time, because right-wing groups made sentiment against the group.

“center for political beauty”

the artist in education speak in Congress, but the Ministry of the interior prohibits appearance

SPD spokesman Lischka: Philipp Ruch is again

will Also be invited from the political groups in the Bundestag, there is considerable criticism of the Ministry of the interior. “I expect that the Federal power Minister of the interior of the projection to undo the Prejudices of his house to Mr Ruch distant,” said Burkhard Lischka, an interior Affairs spokesman of the SPD in the Bundestag, on Wednesday to the star. Even if you may not approve of all the actions of the center for political beauty, the same is true in Germany, is still artistic freedom. Ruchs radius equal to come, according to Lischka censorship.

Surprised, the interior policy spokesman of the FDP, Konstantin Kuhle. “Sometimes you reach for the political education, through a critical discourse, more than by the refusal of a discussion.” It is the task of the Federal centre for political education, to provide critical voices in policy discussions, hearing. Irene Mihalic from the Greens spoke of “an attack on freedom of expression”. The Actions of the Ministry of the interior witness of a serious intellectual Narrowness. Similar to Martina Renner (Left) said. “The fact that the inside of the justice Department, by the adoption of a politically unpopular artists from remove program, a small-minded, and authoritarian. In a democracy, it should be possible that art, like the Minister of the interior, will be prominently discussed.”

Only the AfD was pleased about Ruchs throat. Götz Frömming, cared for the AfD, the Department for Education, said: “The decision of the Ministry of interior is understandable. Mr. Ruch and his Agitprop activists have stressed in the past, more than once, the law – there is no legal claim to be invited.”

the Ministry of the interior: “censorship,”

The interior Ministry denied, meanwhile, once again, the censorship vorwüfe. “We are, Yes. Mr. Ruch is free Yes, to comment,” said press precherin Eleonore Petermann on Wednesday.

Ruch received last week on the instructions of the Ministry of the interior a Letter from the BpB, the ban on his first scheduled appearance. Due to an investigation against the head of the artists ‘ collective, does not want to act on a “running process”, so the justification of the Ministry of interior. However, Ruch said he knew of no investigation. Against him no proceedings before the court, the course currently, he stressed to the star.

The centre for political beauty is caught in the past with controversial actions attention. 2015 Ruch had a Holocaust memorial in front of the house of the AfD-politician Björn Höcke. Finally, the artists made collective in December 2018 with the “Soko Chemnitz” for excitement. This should be revealed with photos and posters on a Website alleged Chemnitz-based neo-Nazis. Against the Background of such actions Ruchs invitation could be understood as a “state-funded legitimacy of the methods of the center for political beauty,“” said the press Secretary of the Federal Agency for civic education Daniel Kraft on Tuesday.

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