Bleak it looks out there. Dark clouds are gathering over a barren landscape, in the distance, mountains with snow fields. Iceland in April. In front of a huge window of the VIP Lounge at the airport Kevlavik Olaf Scholz (SPD). He has strapped on, a dark sweater, is casual. The Federal Finance Minister has not made a stop, on a voluntary basis. The original plane had a tyre damage, the replacement machine must land to refuel.

Scholz, travels to Washington, where the International monetary Fund (IMF) and the world Bank days, and hundreds of Finance Ministers, Central Bank chiefs and other money puzzles people about the future of the world economy. Anyone who observed him in the VIP Lounge, the gloomy landscape behind his back sees, thinks: This is an icon image. A Finance Minister defies savage worlds.


Magdalena Andersson, Minister for Finance of Sweden, together with Olaf Scholz (l) and William Morneau (r), Minister of Finance of Canada, a Selfie

©Jose Luis Magana DPA

It looks good in the economy. The IMF has lowered the forecast for Germany, in this year, the economy is expected to grow by only 0.8 percent, which we make almost the tail end in Europe. Only Italy is still in the doldrums. And who knows, if the economy panned completely. The Brexit is only postponed, the emerging economies are weakening, which is why they order less in the case of our company, and the White house to Donald Trump, the trade wars sits loves, and the tariffs will increase. Cars could be hit by a surcharge of 25 percent, including Daimler, VW and BMW would suffer, but in the boardrooms Depression from spreading anyway. The Trend of the electric car have slept through the bosses and the emission values for Diesel cheating. A flagship industry gone astray.

Olaf Scholz sees things differently

This is the situation, as Scholz in the VIP-Lounge passengers to journalists his vision of the world.

he sees things differently. In A Lousy Economy? He does not see. Clearly, the growth is losing steam, but the economy is still growing, albeit slowly. In General, the government is, however, all sorts of money for faster Internet, for the phase-out of coal, for child care. Of a crisis, there can be no question. Scholz plays the encourager. It’s gonna be, leave it to me.

In Washington, other motivators, besides Scholz on the way. It occur on: Bundesbank chief Jens Weidmann, (“We speak of a economic downturn”), his Vice-Claudia’s book (“We are experiencing a dip in growth”) and Klaus Regling (“I see no recession”). Regling is the man with the billion. He organized the European rescue Fund ESM, which has helped with emergency loans to Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Greece out of the crisis. The Trio is United. Everything half as bad, special AIDS for the economy are unnecessary.

Whether the message will be heard? to say

Hard. The Germans and the Americans fight for a long time about the extent to which the state should intervene in the economy. It’s about whether the German export too much, too much saving, too little to invest, to support little economic activity. The Germans see it differently, but many in the US believe that the Germans are sitting on their money. After all, Scholz can achieve at the end of a small success. In a paper, the IMF praises the “fiscal impulse” of its budgetary policy, in order to certify the financial experts from Washington, the Grand coalition, quasi-officially, that it stimulates the economy.

Scholz holds of some Cabinet colleagues,

In Washington, you will also experience the varied roles of the Olaf Scholz. Since there are about the public Scholz, distinguishes boring sentences, and the private, the grimaces in the background of conversations, witty and ironic. From these Meetings you are not allowed to tell you much because part of the agreement, such travel, but so much can be revealed: By some Cabinet colleagues, he holds little, from the government, only one stands out actually. The Journalist must avoid in this round also to various attacks. He asks mostly to the wrong things, is little understood, and he can’t do research. Amusing Scholz in such a slugfest.

Olaf Scholz

on the Go with the Mr. Cool of the SPD

Of Andreas Hoffmann

It’s Friday afternoon. In the North of Washington Scholz sits on a Podium of the prestigious Peterson Institute. He is not just talking about China, democracy, and the Nato, you sound like a Finance Minister, more like a World link. In front of him poking around just under 100 listeners in Couscous and green salad, you should ask questions. A man wants to know why his SPD is so bad. Scholz could now tell from the plans of his party, of pension or Hartz IV that many have not understood, what want to change the SPD of everything.

he’s not. He talks about a phenomenon in Germany. Many people are doing well, they would have work and income, but at the same time you don’t have to be afraid of the future, because they know what is expected of you or your children. Globalisation is all well and good, but many people would not benefit from the feeling of it. But this is exactly what would be to distribute the gains of globalization. In this Moment, you experienced a further Scholz. The sober atmosphere of the Hanseatic lawyer is gone, it is the critics of globalisation speaks.

In the case of the taxes is it fair

To fit this role, and a further Mission. He wants to, that it is from the taxes fairer. That companies like Apple or Google would deprive the Treasury, and only citizens and SMEs taxes paid, it wouldn’t do it. Scholz thinks of a global minimum tax, international companies should pay in the countries, a minimum rate. In the next year in the 36 industrialized countries of the organization for economic cooperation and development on a model, Scholz advertises in the IMF Meetings is to communicate ever.

What after these three days?

Above all confusion. How it goes with the trade war and the economy no one knows. Anyone who considers themselves experts on the financial scene, and listening to a lot of perplexity. Yes, the trade talks between the USA and China are progressing, but whether they can avoid tariffs on German cars? Maybe Donald Trump will create, after the dispute with China is solved, then of course with the Germans. The US presidential election of 2020 is announced, Trump wants to get them all riled up his followers to be re-elected. A dispute with the German car duties would come with him. Only einigen days, he has fulminated against Europe’s subsidies to Airbus, aircraft, wine and cheese with customs duties want to take. Maybe a new dispute flares up there, maybe Trump wants to create only confusion. You don’t know it.

Chaos wants to defy Scholz. With talk, negotiate and integrate. Persistently, calmly, relentlessly. If it helps, nobody knows. But it will not harm. Maybe it’s just a matter to maintain in the confusion of the Trump, Brexit and co. the rest, and the various fires of the world economy to withdraw. And if the image of Olaf Scholz, there’s one that wrestles with the Mighty of the world, is likely to help him in the SPD, where many Enjoyed arguing with him. The economy may be stuck in the doldrums, however, Olaf Scholz, has come just in the right mood.

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