Without this coin would not give it to Maureen Coulson. The 63-year-old British woman, is the granddaughter of John Trickett, who served in the First world war as a simple soldier. He wore a Penny in his breast pocket, as more than 100 years ago on the field of battle a bullet on him was fired. The projectile would have hit his heart, but the small Coin saved his life. It is reported by his granddaughter at the BBC. The slightly more than two centimeters large Penny is coming soon in the auction house, Hansons under the Hammer.

Apparently, a pistol ball from a short distance of Hanson’s

John Trickett

“Everyone in our family has seen this Penny, and the story belongs to, how it saved the life of my grandfather,” says Coulson. Accordingly, the coin deflected the bullet to the top, you hit his nose and came out his ear from the head. Since then, Trickett had been deaf in one ear, but he had survived the war unlike his two brothers.

Severely injured, was the then 19-Year-old according to Reports from the Front, and the father of eight children, was in the following years. “He was a huge guy, had previously worked in Lincolnshire, on farms, but was in the core is quite soft,” says the 63-Year-old. It was “strange to imagine that without this Penny, his children would not have been born and I wouldn’t be here”.

record-breaking auction

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Adrian Stevenson, a military expert at the auction house, told the BBC: “It looks to me like a gun bullets would hit the Penny from a short distance.” Trickett was “deaf and disabled” after the incident, “but at least alive”. Stevenson were living in his work, many stories about the objects encountered, the people saved the life. “But I’ve never seen.”

The 1889 coin minted to the 22. March will be auctioned along with other Militaria exhibits, such as the British army’s order of Trickett.


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