With his accomplices, he planned attacks on Nightclubs, in airports and on military bases located in Germany. Auto car-made to kill the bombs should explode, as many of the US soldiers. The ingredients for the explosive device the terrorists had been worried.

On 4. In September 2007, the authorities continued the insane projects. Special forces, the GSG 9 stormed schledorn a holiday house in Medebach-Upper and arrests him: Adem Yilmaz, a member of the “Sauerland group” known terrorist cell.

About two and a half years later, the judgment against Yilmaz: eleven years in prison, fell in Dusseldorf, among other things, for conspiracy to murder. The terrorists want to have planned the attack on behalf of the Islamic Jihad Union, a splinter group of al-Qaeda, as retaliation for the military intervention of the West in Afghanistan. (Read here in the star.)

“Sauerland bombers” served his prison sentence

last October, the now 40-Year-old had served his sentence and was then released, first in a detention center. And now, the case provides for tensions between the United States and of the Federal Republic of Germany.

the Background is the expulsion of Yilmaz’ in Turkey on Tuesday of this week – to the Annoyance of the United States. Because the US authorities want to make Yilmaz the process, they accuse him of, 2006 in the Hindu Kush American soldiers killed.


Jihadist, Islamist, threat – what is it?

offenders locked up, jihadists, deport monitor, Islamists – or a similar one you can hear it after the terrorist attacks again and again. Also, the alleged assassin of Hamburg as an Islamist known what such terms actually mean?

By Daniel Wüstenberg

During his visit to the foreign Ministry in Washington had to listen to it, Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas now the wrath of the Americans on the deportation of the “Sauerland bomber” in Turkey, reported the CNN.

Accordingly, US officials were “completely surprised” by the decision of the German authorities. The acting attorney-General and Minister of justice, Matthew Whitaker said the United States is “very disappointed by the decision of Germany”, Yilmaz because of his “complicity in the murder of American soldiers”. Berlin had failed to follow its contractual obligations, abuse and undermines the rule of law.

US Ambassador comments on case of Adem Yilmaz

the U.S. Embassy in Berlin, practiced sharp criticism of the German authorities: “We are deeply disappointed about the decision of Germany, a dangerous terrorist in Turkey to deport in spite of a pending request for extradition to the United States,” said Ambassador Richard Grenell via Twitter. The decision was in breach of the “spirit of our extradition Treaty”.

A German official rejected the accusations, according to CNN: “The result pleases us, but for the court to decide.” The higher regional court of Frankfurt had turned down an extradition of Yilmaz’ to the USA. German authorities had requested for the case of an extradition assurances in law, who did not want to give the US authorities allegedly, according to “the world”. Specifically, the United States were not willing to drop certain charges. According to the basic law, the double punishment for the same crime, is prohibited.


drinking water in danger? BKA warns of chemical-terrorism


U.S. representatives referred to three letters of your Department of justice to the German authorities – whose contents had not been according to the German side, as an assurance, however, sufficient. “The court asked the United States to information, the US did not give, apparently,” CNN quoted a German diplomat. imprison

Yilmaz, up to the final decision on the extradition to the United States, had not been possible for legal reasons; it is free in Germany, around allow run, for security reasons. Because Yilmaz had not renounced the jihadist ideology today and could make his Conviction “deeds”, such as the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” reported, citing Cologne-based justice circles. The expulsion of the Turks in his homeland followed.

“The Germans have tricked us”

The dispute Yilmaz is only the latest in a series of points of friction between Berlin and Washington. The German export surplus, the oil Pipeline between Germany and Russia, the expenditure in comparison to the USA, low defense of Germany, the dispute about the nuclear deal with Iran, or the different views on the Paris climate agreement are just a few of the questions – there are many questions of considerable discussion between the United States and of the Federal Republic of Germany. The visit of foreign Minister Maas was against this Background of “probably the luckiest Hit of all time”, as a German Diplomat said, according to CNN.

The USA now, probably pushing Turkey to the delivery of the “Sauerland Bomber” Adem Yilmaz, he was questioned according to the “world” directly after his arrival in Istanbul by the police. The Anger at the German authorities on the US side. “The Germans have set us up,” said an official of the foreign Ministry.

sources: CNN, WDR, “The world”, “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger”, the U.S. Ambassador in Twitter, article 103 of the basic law, the DPA news Agency


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