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German crashes in Switzerland in the glacier column (14.37)Netanyahu wants to Annex settlements (12.22 PM)AfD loses in survey easily (11.01 PM)women in a Bar in Moers stabbed to death (10.43 PM)16.31 PM: conflict libyische capital escalates

The military conflict in the Libyan capital of Tripoli has escalated on Sunday. While loyal to the government, a counter-offensive started, the troops of the attacking Libyan National army (LNA) flew to the first air attacks on a suburb. The United Nations called for a truce to get the wounded and civilians to safety. The LNA-troops of renegade General Khalifa Haftar back since Thursday in the capital, in the the unity government of Prime Minister Fajes al-Sarradsch. In response, the government launched a military counter-offensive under the title “volcano of anger”. All cities should be “released” of “unlawful combatants”, informed the spokesman of the government troops, Mohammed Gnunu, in Tripoli.

+++ 14.37 PM: German twelve-Meter plunges into crevasse in Saas Fee +++

A German ski tour-goer fell in the Swiss ski resort of Saas Fee in a twelve-metre-deep crevasse and were killed. He was able to be rescued on Saturday, but died in the night of the Sunday of his injuries, the police announced in the Canton of Valais. What is the state of the 54-Year-old did not tell the police. The man was-goers with three other Tour to the ascent of the Feegletscher to the Alphubel. The companion alarm after the accident, immediately the mountain rescue service.

+++ 13: 28: Turkey rejects EU criticism of local elections back +++

In the dispute over the result of the local elections in Ankara and Istanbul, Turkey critical reminders of the EU has rejected the Commission’s Deputy heads. We are surprised and disappointed by the Remarks made by Frans Timmermans, said the Turkish foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy on Sunday. This showed the “double Standards” of the EU. You have to respect the opposition time to the election authority. Timmermans called on the Islamic-conservative government party, the AKP, previously to respect the outcome of the municipal elections of last Sunday.

12.22 PM: Netanyahu announces annexation of settlements in the West Bank +++

Prior to the parliamentary election in Israel head of government Benjamin Netanyahu has made the annexation of Israeli settlements in the West Bank. “I’m not a single settlement. And I will of course ensure that we are in control of the territory West of the Jordan river,” said the right-wing conservative Prime Minister on Saturday evening in Israeli television. Netanyahu hopes to overtake in the polls, the leading opposition Alliance, the center of Ex-military chief Benny Ganz in the election on Tuesday.

+++ 11.01 PM: AfD loses, according to the survey of voters favor +++

The AfD is in the Sunday trend for the “picture on Sunday” – the lowest level in a year. The Figures for the Emnid Institute indicated that they achieved in the polls, only 12 percent, its worst value since March 2018. The Union parties to gain a point, and come to 31 per cent. The SPD can also make up a percentage point and 17 percent, but remains one point behind the Greens (18 per cent). The Left remains according to the survey, is stable at 9 percent, the FDP loses easily and comes to 8 per cent. On the other parties to five percent, a meter less than in the last week.

+++ 10.49 PM: racers in Austria with the curious excuse +++

In Austria, a racer from the police was stopped. And had an explanation for his Offense: He had washed his car and wanted it dry by the wind only, was, he, according to the officials in the district Kitzbühel in Tyrol. The man should not have been driving on the road is only 60 kilometers per hour, but was 118 km/h on the road.

“The car was really wet,” said Dietmar Steiner from the police station to Erpfendorf. “But it was the most beautiful sunshine, the car would also be dried.” The 27-Year-old could initially continue, but the police filed a complaint with the administrative authority. The man had to reckon with a fine and a driving ban for 14 days, said Steiner.

+++ 10.43 PM: women in Moerser Bar stabbed a victim dies been killed +++

In a violent lovers ‘ quarrel in a Bar in Moers on the lower Rhine is a 38-year-old woman. A man was stabbed on Saturday evening with a knife on two women – one of them was his Ex-girlfriend (31), police said. Both women suffered serious injuries, fled, but still in an adjacent Snack bar, where rescue workers were alerted. Despite an emergency surgery in the hospital, the 38 died-Year-old. It was unclear initially whether she was rushed to the younger woman in a dispute with their Ex-Partner to help, said a police spokesman.

The 46-year-old Suspect initially fled, but was made a little later and arrested. On Sunday, an arrest warrant should be requested. A homicide took over the investigation. Whether the two women were employees of the Bar, according to police on Sunday. According to the initial findings of the investigators, the three Parties should come from Romania. The Suspect lived in Duisburg.

+++ 10.29 p.m.: Drunk driver with three small children stopped +++

The police in Baden-Württemberg, has drawn a drunk driver with three small children. The 39-Year-old fell on Saturday on a country road in new town, because your vehicle came off easily from the road and you are told by the snake lines in the oncoming traffic was, how the police in Landau, on Sunday.

In the case of the control the woman climbed shakily out of the car. In the vehicle itself, three small children were sitting. A breathalyzer test gave a value of 1.65 ppm. The driver’s license of the woman was recovered.

+++ 09. 46 PM: in a wheelchair from the predicament exempt +++

rescue workers have a wheelchair driver in the baden-württemberg Wiesloch freed from an awkward position. The 74-Year-old got stuck on Saturday evening with his electric wheelchair on a dirt road and skidded then a one and a half meters deep slope down into the Leimbach, such as the police Mannheim announced on Sunday. There, he was stuck in the knee-high water.

prices in Germany

apartment corporations expropriate? Why this is not the solution

Of Katharina Grimm

Waving Through the Senior tried to him vorbegg-propelled street Railways to draw attention to itself. A passenger finally realized the predicament of the man and called the rescue forces.

The police 17 firemen and twelve employees of the German lifesaving society (DLRG) succeeded with the help of a rotary head, the wheelchair driver and vehicle unharmed from the Leimbachzu mountains. He came as a precautionary measure to examination in a hospital.

+++ 07.12 PM: Prince William spends three weeks in the British secret service +++

Agent in her Majesty’s service: Prince William’s three weeks as a kind of precious Intern at the British secret services spent. The three-week course ended on Saturday, as the Kensington Palace has announced. The number two of the British throne ever a week when domestic spent-the secret service, MI5, the overseas secret intelligence service, MI6, as well as in cyber security, GCHQ.

The intelligence services have done an exceptional job to ensure the safety of the British, said William. For him, it was a “lesson in humility”, to spend time in the security and intelligence organizations.

Prince William was more than seven years in the military. He then worked as a Pilot of a rescue helicopter.

The news of Saturday, 6. April

+++ 22.16 PM: police stops with shots dogs-attack on Playground in Krefeld +++

In Krefeld, Germany, has attacked a runaway German shepherd, five children and a woman on a Playground, and slightly injured. The dog escaped on Saturday afternoon, its holder through the open front door and “targeted” to a nearby Playground in the city centre of Krefeld ran, police said. Brought brought police officers “were able to stop the dog neither capture nor otherwise”. A civil servant had, therefore, issued ultimately in two shots at the dog.

The animal was injured, according to the hard and then put to sleep. The children and the woman who had hurt the dog, were treated on an outpatient basis in a hospital.

+++ 17.39 PM: 100 Ebola Deaths in three weeks in the Congo +++

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, have died within three weeks of around 100 people to Ebola. The Ministry of health of the Central African state said on Friday evening. Since the beginning of the epidemic in August, some 700 people have died already of the disease. 339 patients were recovered.

This is the current epidemic of Ebola is the second worst in the history of Africa. In the case of the worst were in the year 2014 in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, more than 10,000 people were killed.

+++ 15.54: Former Boxing world champion Felix took storm +++

The former Boxing world champion Felix Sturm has been arrested according to police, on Friday in Cologne, Germany. “He is still on the loose,” said a police spokesman on Saturday. Storm was taken after a report the “picture on Sunday” during a visit to the Fitness fair Fibo. The Cologne public Prosecutor’s office, Department of economic criminal matters, had obtained, therefore, the warrant of arrest. To the accusation, the police did not provide information.

+++ 13.36 PM: lightning strike sparked deadly forest fire in China +++

A lightning strike probably caused the forest fire, at the end of March in the southwest of China, 30 emergency workers died. The fire on top of a cliff in about 3800 meters altitude in a circle Muli (Sichuan province) broke out, after a pine tree was struck by lightning, reported the state news Agency Xinhua, citing the investigative authorities on Friday evening.

The 18-metre-high tree had been split and burning overturned. This set the surrounding Area on fire. More than 600 people were called to the Mountain to help extinguish the fire. The responders were from sudden turning winds surprised. Within the shortest possible time had created “a huge ball of fire,” it said in Reports. According to the latest data of the authorities were the Victims of 27 firefighters and three residents.

+++ 10.45 PM: Berliner, can be robber off +++

unfazed by two robbers, a Berliner, has chased off your attacker. The 49-Year-old waited in the night to Saturday in the district of Marzahn on a tram, as the two teenagers threatened and your wallet demanded them with a gun, the police announced. The woman stated that she had no money. As the young people wanted her cell phone, she took it and announced, to call the police.

With its cold snout response, she struck the robber in the escape. The police could not find, first of all, the investigation for attempted aggravated robbery.

+++ 06.21 PM: start help for drunk driver +++

A drunken driver has asked, in Rhineland-Palatinate, the police in order to start. As the official car their patrol in the small town of Mayen stopped, and with the man of languages, they found, according to police information, he had to have quite looked deep into the glass. In addition, they noticed fresh of accident traces in the car, could not explain to the driver. He was only able to be from a private Party came and to need start-up assistance. His driver’s license, the man had to give up the first time.

+++ 05.06 PM: the UN security Council has been concerned about Forces gaining ground in Libya +++

The UN security Council showed itself “deeply concerned” about the advance of troops of the Libyan General Khalifa Haftar in the capital Tripoli. The panel called on the General for an urgent meeting in New York to stop any troop movements. Its fighters want to be struggling to take Tripoli, where the international recognized government is the Power in the oil-rich country. Haftar is supported by Russia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt.

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News of the day

front man of the Rolling Stones: Mick Jagger successful heart surgery

AFP +++ 05.06 PM: demonstrations against housing shortages and high Rents +++

With several demonstrations in different cities and the beginning of a people’s desire in Berlin today want to protest, thousands of people against rising Rents. The largest Demonstration in the Germany-wide day of action is expected in Berlin. The Demonstration officially registered 6,000 participants under the Motto “Together against displacement and rent madness”. Demos are also planned in Munich, Cologne or Frankfurt. In Berlin are collected from today, signatures for a referendum for the expropriation of housing corporations.

+++ 04.31 PM: labour Minister healing toelbstständige pension +++

Federal Minister for employment, healing (SPD) wants to commit commit self-employed by law for retirement. The self-employed should be provisions, either privately or via the statutory pension insurance for old age, said the salvation of the “Rheinische Post”. A bill he will submit by the end of the year. In Germany, three million self-employed persons in the age not to be covered, said the Minister for justification. Even for the self-employed need apply, “that one is secured, to a life of hard work”. Therefore, you should be in the future secured by either a member of a pension scheme or by the so-called Rürup pension, or in the statutory pension insurance will occur.

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