The German chemistry Nobel prize winner Manfred Eigen is dead. He died on Wednesday at the age of 91 years, as the göttingen Max-Planck-Institute for biophysical chemistry reported on Thursday.

The Nobel prize had received in 1967 for his Work on ultra-fast chemical reactions. As the first scientist, he had the tiny periods of time of such processes is measured.

Self was so honored frequently as no other German scientists. In addition to the Nobel prize, he received a large number of other prestigious awards, including the Otto-Hahn prize for chemistry and physics (1962), the Paul-Ehrlich and Ludwig-Darmstaedter prize (1992), as well as the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Institute of Human Virology in Baltimore (2005).

“Manfred Specially interests were far beyond his own field of expertise and science, paired with an irrepressible spirit of research, its salient features,” said Stefan Hell, Director at the Max-Planck-Institute for biophysical chemistry in Göttingen, received the 2014 Nobel prize for chemistry.

“was Specially approach is always to find problems in the most elegant and best for all portable solution.” His personality, his values, and his respectful treatment of colleagues and co-workers have characterized the göttingen Institute significantly, said Bright.

Self also dealt with questions of Evolution, he is regarded as one of the founders of the so-called evolutive biotechnology. With him and his colleagues developed experiments with the basic mechanisms of Evolution can be examined, for example, the Tricks with which the Aids Virus and other pathogens trick the immune system.


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