A birthday celebration of the düsseldorf regional court President Bernd Scheiff has joined the tax number, Federal to the criticism. Scheiff had on the occasion of his 60. Birthday invited according to the court, some 300 guests to the Foyer of the justice center. The Assembly and dismantling court took care of staff and also prisoners from the open prison. First, the “Rheinische Post had reported” about the process.

“The servants of the country are for the common good, not for a private Party”, said the NRW-Chairman of the taxpayers Association, Heinz Wirz, on Thursday. “They are only used in the function for which they were set. This approach is unsustainable.”

A court spokeswoman stressed, however, that it was a business Celebration. All costs for catering, decoration and music have Scheiff paid out of his own pocket. Overtime on a voluntary Basis in the framework of the flexible working hours and not be paid for separately.

behind bars

No minimum wage, no working rights: When the prisoners in jail get a job

DPA prisoners were chairs and tables on the

In state court prisoners worked constantly in the open prison as a house worker. Before the Celebration, you’ve built up in your regular period of service with tables and chairs. To be the Celebration of the entire workforce of the house of, representatives of various courts, lawyers, and journalists have been invited to last Friday.

“We were not involved in the event and had to be involved,” said a spokesman for the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of justice on Thursday. “The President can conduct such events on their own.”

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