Dortmund: the Bridal couple will be flashed on the wedding day, the police sent a reminder photo

“Stationary wedding photography of the police in Dortmund!”, the Dortmund police was the headline of a photo, which officials published on Facebook. Therefore, a bride-to-be was flashed a couple on their wedding day in may of 2018, because they were too fast. The 26-Year-old groom turned now to the officials of the flash photo to send of at the time as a reminder. The Original had unfortunately been destroyed.

Freudenstadt: 16-recognized in the Year of the city car and injured

In baden-württemberg, joy city has been captured a teenager on Monday afternoon while Crossing the tracks of a from Baiersbronn next city car and injured. As the police said, wore the 16-Year-old while Crossing a Transition for pedestrians headphones, and was distracted by this is probably. In spite of immediately initiated emergency braking, the driver could not avoid a collision. The youth came under the train, suffered a broken leg and was taken by the ambulance service to the hospital. The shock detached the driver had to also go in for medical treatment. The Federal police has taken with respect to the exact accident sequence of events leading to the investigation. By the incident the train was about two hours locked in a rail replacement service was set up. Several trains had a total of 60 minutes of delay.

Sprendlingen: Truck driver with 2.0 per Mille on the road

In Sprendlingen (Rheinland-Pfalz) has accepted the police a Truck driver, the driver’s license, was 2.0 ppm. The man wanted company on Monday to a in Sprendlingen-based, and stopped to ask a local resident for directions. This is noted in the conversation, smell of alcohol in the driver and alerted the police. The officers met the man at the site of the company. When Checking the roadworthiness of the officials noted significant breath alcohol. A Test showed a value of 2.0 ppm. The 51 year old driver was found in a blood sample, his driver’s license was confiscated.

news from Monday, the 7.1.

because the castle: children running in Park on cars – € 10,000 damage

In the Hessian town of Weilburg, have two children trashed in a car Park several cars. As the police reported on Monday, watching a witness on Sunday, as the two seven-and twelve-year-old children ran about a total of eight parked vehicles and some of the hoods and even the roofs of the cars damaged. The damage the police estimates that a total of more than 10,000 Euro. The officers of the children handed over after the completion of the police action to the parents.

Hannover: man, the escalator came down, the police edged 16-Year-old

In Hanover, was a 47-Year-old, who rushed to an attacking man-to-help young people on an escalator of a subway station down been kicked. Since Thursday the police searched for the perpetrators. Now a 16-Year old.

Due to the detailed descriptions by witnesses, the police could mean the Teenager as a strongly suspects to determine it in a message on Monday afternoon. He must answer now on suspicion of dangerous bodily injury. The investigation of two actions to take. The young people belonged to a group of young men who were caught last week with a 37-Year-old in dispute and on those struck. A 47-year-old Passer-by tried to help the Attacked, but was attacked himself and fled. One of the young men caught up with him on an escalator, and kicked him in the back. He crashed, according to police down and broke his shoulder.

Munich: Attempted rape in two cases – police are searching for perpetrators

The Munich police are investigating him for attempted rape in two cases, and addiction, in this connection, a still unknown man. This committed his first Assault the officers, according to early Saturday morning in a Park in the city district Church Trudering, where he was a “bad” victim is chosen accidentally, however. Accordingly, the suspects, possibly through the darkness due to the brought, a 54-year-old Munich to the ground, held on to this and tried to undress the upper body. The victim continued to be physically violent to the military and also the attacker will not be noticed a little later that it was a woman. Then he fled, police said.

About 20 minutes later, the man attacked a 51-Year-old in the vicinity of the first crime scene. The second victim was brought by the suspect to the ground and punches in the face hurt. In addition, the man groped the woman above the clothes in the genital area. That nothing worse happened, and his 51-Year-old only of their vehement opposition, moved the Unknown to escape.

in Spite of immediately initiated a manhunt of the man could not be taken so far. The police have asked any witnesses to call 089/2910-0 with her. The suspect is described as follows:

about 25 years altetwa 170 centimeters tall, darker complexion, short Rasta lockenmit Anorak and boots eppstein: Angry citizen parks dressed ambulance

Because he resented it, that he had been the car of a rescue, has moved a man in the Hessian town of Eppstein, the vehicle of the Savior. The 45-Year-old was rose on Friday, during a life-saving operation in the open vehicle and have it converted, said a spokeswoman for the police.

As a paramedic of him after the Move approached, responded the man, according to police so aggressive that rescuers had to include in the vehicle. “The behavior of the recalcitrant citizen is a Crime,” said the police. You determine now due to unauthorized use of a vehicle and resistance to the paramedics, the enforcement officials to be on an equal footing.

Gescher: dead with a stab wound in the apartment discovered

After the discovery of a dead in an apartment in the Western part of the münsterland, the corpse will be autopsied on Monday. The Münster public prosecution office announced in the Morning. Investigators had found the body of 48-year-old apartment owner in Gescher (North Rhine-Westphalia) is a stab wound. The Dead man was discovered on Saturday after a note in the apartment by police officers.

Altefähr: father sets daughter, because she wants to not be exposed to falling asleep

Because she didn’t want to fall asleep, has a father in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, his nine-year-old daughter. The action on Sunday evening was to show the daughter, “at you home,” said one of the parents to police officials, the child took first in their care. A motorist had called the police, after the child had asked him for help.

The father stated that he had let the child drive from Stralsund to Altefähr get off and was so far, that his daughter can no longer see the car. After a while he returned, I can no longer find his daughter. Together with the mother of the child he had made, then once again on the search. According to the communication, the parents met the police officers. Against the father’s criminal complaint was lodged. The child was handed over after consultation with the youth authority to the custody of the mother.

Leipzig: the child runs to the street and is fatally

recorded A six-year-old is recognised in Leipzig by a car and fatally injured. The Boy went early on Sunday evening on the road, as the police announced on Monday. The 73-year-old driver of the car was uninjured. The boy’s father could bring the child to a hospital. There it died. Further details of the accident could not make the police on Monday morning.

Mulhouse: 14-Year-old car, steals keys and crashes into the garage door

A 14-year-old Boy is in Mühlhausen (Baden-Württemberg) with the car of his mother against a garage door dangers. The young people have stolen on early Monday morning, the key of the car and two 14 and 17-year-old friends on a joyride made, informed the police in Mannheim. At a fork in the road he had overestimated his abilities, however, and was barreled into the driveway. The young people remained, therefore, uninjured and hid after the accident, in the case of a well-Known. Police found the Trio thanks to a hint.

Ahlen: pedestrian is detected by the car and dies

After a collision with a car, a 58-year-old pedestrian in Ahlen (NRW) has died. The man had been on Sunday evening with his companion in the District of Vorhelm on a road, the police announced in the night on Monday. A back-coming 28-year-old motorist saw the pedestrian, therefore, so late that he could not Dodge. He drove his car in the 58-Year-old. The injured was taken to the hospital, where he later died.

Hünstetten: woman flips with the car – heavy

injured, A 43-year-old woman has crashed her car in Hünstetten (Germany) and seriously injured. She was off on Sunday from yet unknown cause of the road, the police announced. The car overturned and the woman was probably not wearing a seat belt, flew through the windshield of the car in the embankment on the opposite side of the road. The cause of the accident was still unclear, said a police spokesman on Sunday evening.

sources: Bavarian police/press portal police/Facebook police in Dortmund

news from Germany the week of January 31. December to 6. January you can find here:


woman car and brain dead declared – offender commits hit-and-run

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