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U.S. district calls for measles outbreak a state of emergency (6.01 p.m.)Federal government Guaidó detects not at the messenger as Venezuela’s Ambassador (3.09 PM)US house of representatives can’t override the Veto Trump in wall dispute (2.46 p.m.)Syria calls for urgent meeting of the UN security Council to Golan heights (1.00 am)

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+++ 7.24 PM: bomb defusing: evacuation of Rostock’s city centre +++

Due to the planned defuse a world war II bomb has started in Rostock on the Morning of the evacuation of the city centre. Thus, the center of the city is placed completely lame. Within a radius of 1000 meters around the site, there is a restricted area. From 8.00 PM it is forbidden to reside, so the selection of the municipal administration. The administration assumed that about 10 000 people are affected by the evacuation; for example in Hotels, pensions, shops, schools, and homes. The 250-kilogram bomb had been found on Monday in the preparation of construction work and is to be defused on the spot.

+++ 6.13 PM: Thai Opposition wants to form a coalition against the military +++

In Thailand, seven parties of the democratic Opposition want to replace it with a joint Alliance of the reigning military government. This they announced to the allegations of fraud overshadowed parliamentary elections. It is unclear, however, whether the parties in the house of representatives a majority. In the Southeast Asian Kingdom coup, has ruled since a military of 2014, the army. For the election last Sunday, there are still no preliminary result. The intermediate result according to the army-party PPRP of the incumbent Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, the strongest force. The Opposition was, however, significantly more mandates.

+++ 6.01 PM: U.S. district calls due to measles outbreak declared a state of emergency +++

in the face of a measles outbreak in a district in the US has declared a-state of New York the state of emergency and radical measures are taken. Of the approximately 40 kilometers North of the metropolis of New York, located district of Rockland County announced on Tuesday that it is not against the disease vaccinated minors be allowed in the next 30 days, not in public places. “We must do everything in our Power to put an end to this outbreak,” said County administrator Ed Day. In several regions of the US, it is the measles recent outbreaks come. The authorities make the resistance of Impfgegnern responsible. In the district of Rockland County, with its 300,000 inhabitants, 153 cases of measles were registered. Actually, the disease had been declared in the year 2000 for eradicated.

+++ 4.12 PM: at Least 15 Dead bodies in hidden graves in Mexico +++

In the East of Mexico, at least 15 bodies have been found in hidden graves. The Remains of twelve people had already been exhumed, said the attorney General of the state of Veracruz, Jorge Winckler. In addition, pits on the same lot as the Remains of three other bodies had been discovered, which have yet to be excavated. How the people were killed, was initially unclear. The search for previously undiscovered tombs in the area. Veracruz is considered to be one of the most dangerous States in the Latin American country. Cartels deliver there bloody clashes.

+++ 3.09 PM: the Federal government recognizes Guaidó-not the messenger as Venezuela’s Ambassador to +++

The Federal government is the self-proclaimed Venezuelan President Guaidó sent diplomatic representatives as ambassadors accredit. The newspaper “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” citing a reply from the foreign office to a question of the left party. Accordingly, the Federal government received the Guaidó sent to Otto Gebauer, on 13. March 2019 would, for the first time “as personal representatives of interim President Guaidó”, with the political talks. “Further steps are not planned.” In the power struggle in Venezuela, the Federal government had recognized the leader of the opposition Guaidó the beginning of February, as interim President.

+++ 2.46 PM: the US house of representatives can’t override the Veto Trump in wall dispute +++

The opposition of the US Democrats have failed with their attempt to force an end to the President Trump imposed state of emergency for the financing of a border wall. In the case of a vote in the house of representatives by the necessary two-thirds majority was not achieved, with the help of a presidential Veto could be overruled. Instead of the needed 288 votes only 248 votes came from the Democrats controlled Congress chamber. Trump thanked the short message service Twitter for the Republican members of this house, to have held together. It was a “great victory on the border.” The President had to call in the middle of February the state of emergency, after him, the Congress had denied the billion-funds for the construction of a border wall with Mexico.

+++ 1.12 PM: EU Mission “Sophia” is to be continued until September without any ships to continue +++

The EU-Mediterranean Mission “Sophia” prior to Libya to be suspended due to the dispute regarding the reception of Refugees with Italy partly. Like yesterday night, the EU said, should be extended the Mission again, provisionally for six months to the end of September. However, the last two still in use in the ships of the Navy are to be deducted in use. In return, however, the air monitoring should be strengthened. The “Sophia”-use ends after the previous as at 31. March. The Italian government does not want to achieve more in months that the Mission automatically brings all of the rescued refugees to Italy and calls for a Revision of the rules of engagement.

+++ 1.00 PM: Syria calls for emergency meeting of UN security Council Golan heights +++

Syria has applied to the recognition of the Israeli annexation of the Golan heights by the US President, Trump called an emergency meeting of the UN security Council, diplomatic circles in New York. France, the panel currently has the presidency of the main UN must now set a date. One of the 15 member States of the security Council could apply for a procedural vote, and thus an urgent meeting to prevent. Trump had acknowledged on Monday in the presence of the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, the sovereignty of Israel over the Golan heights, annexed in 1981 by Israel.

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