Almost six years after its inception, the AfD has taken, in the meantime, in all the state parliaments, in the Bundestag and in the European Parliament by foot. But maybe your voters have elected an anti-constitutional party in the parliaments – as I said: possibly. Because the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution decided, the AfD in Germany and in its entirety as a “test case” for a possible observation to be classified, a decision on the observation of the party is not taken yet.

“test case”: What is the meaning of the Federal-wide assessment of the constitutional protection to the AfD?

Basically, the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution, but also the corresponding 16 country offices have the task to collect information about “efforts, which are directed against the free democratic basic order”, as it is in the self-description of the domestic intelligence service.

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the protection of the Constitution AfD declared nationwide to the test case – Höcke-wing is the suspected case


“The vast majority of its information to the Constitution protection of open, publicly available sources – products from print, such as Newspapers, leaflets, programmes and Calls. Employees of the Federal attend public events and ask people who can give relevant information,” it says.

in addition, the constitutional protection also to V-people, observations, and letter or telephone monitoring. the These messages, the service agent may not use the authority in “all appeal” basically, . The services will be limited after the Declaration of the “test case” on it, systematically, open sources to evaluate. This includes, for example, Talk about leading the AfD can count on politicians or their Utterances in social networks.

In the past year, the Thuringian state office had declared for the protection of the Constitution the local AfD-landesverband for the “test case”. the For the “test case” to explain the Constitution, protectors of the organizations that are clearly not extremist, but it is but actual evidence of anti-constitutional activities .

Berlin3: Europe Congress in Riesa

“Dexit”sentiment in the AfD, Alexander Gauland tames the “fermented heap”

By Tilman Gerwien From the “test case” to the “suspected case”

The Federal office for the protection of the Constitution has the “daily mirror” according to a 450-page report to the AfD created. The authority level of the Young Alternative (JA), and the Association “The wings” as “ suspected cases” . This is a higher level than the test case. An organization is declared to be a suspected case, is a observation with intelligence agents very limited . For example, is then permitted an Observation, as well as the Obtaining of certain information from public authorities. So-called V-people and the interception of telecommunications but may also be used.

The YES is already observed by the protection of the Constitution authorities in Bremen, lower Saxony and Baden-Württemberg. The BfV is now also the suspicion that, YES, in Parts of the “Identitarian movement”. The “Identitarians” are conducted by the Federal statistical office since 2016 as a suspected case, and, accordingly, was observed.

sources: the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution, the law on cooperation of the Federation and the Länder in matters of constitutional protection and the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution, the protection of the Constitution of Bremen, “daily mirror”

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