According to the alleged of asylum seekers, attacks on passers-by in the Bavarian town of Amberg apparently the rights of citizens to defend the city formed. It had been observed in the urban area of the patrolling groups, said Ambergs mayor Michael Cerny (CSU) of the “middle Bavarian newspaper” (paid content). The extreme-right NPD Nuremberg, published on its Facebook page photographs that show four people in the protection of the West, as you move through Amberg.

Cerny expressed “shocked” about the reactions to the act of violence. “I can understand the confusion, as I see in some of the reactions of amber fond, quite, but this hatred and threats of violence, coming now from all over the country, around the world.”

Twelve people in Amberg hurt

On Saturday night, were attacked in the upper Palatinate town of twelve people and injured a 17-Year-old was admitted because of a head injury in and out of hospital. Against four Accused at the age of 17 to the age of 19, a warrant was issued; they come from Afghanistan, Syria and Iran. According to police, the suspects were under the influence of alcohol, as they attacked the passers-by.

violent excess in Amberg

“you must leave our Land”: Seehofer calls after thrashing attack stricter laws

In the Bavarian town of Amberg, Germany, is said to have attacked a group of asylum seekers, many passers-by. Interior Minister Horst Seehofer calls for stricter laws.


After the beating the attacks, the Federal penetrates the interior Ministry on the consequences. State Secretary Stephan Mayer (CSU) said the “Passauer Neue Presse”, in such a brutal physical Assaults and violence to be very serious, unacceptable, and must relentlessly be pursued. While interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) has already announced proposals for stricter immigration rules, warn Green, FDP and Left in front of an Overreaction, and urge, instead, a consistent implementation of the existing provisions of the immigration law.

Mayer said the “Passauer Neue Presse”: “the one Who is as asylum-seekers, offenders, especially if he allows himself to criminal offences against life and limb, against property, or sexual self-determination, guilty of, has forfeited his right to hospitality and must leave Germany immediately.” The “image”newspaper said the CSU politician, it should be a rule of offenders during or at the latest immediately after their detention time to systematically deport. “The perpetrators of violence should be provided for the protection of the population, even under the maximum control – for example, by the duty of residence, reporting requirements and electronic tagging.”

deportation is not legally possible,

Bavaria’s interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) said on Wednesday that the deportation was in no Amberger cases is legally possible. “We set all levers in motion to change that.”

one of the suspects, it is, according to Lord’s a underage Afghans, the Federal office for asylum and refugees, and to have pronounced a prohibition on Deportation. You have asked the office on Wednesday to revoke the deportation ban. In the case of two other suspects, it is, therefore, to two full years of Afghans, whose asylum procedures are still going on. Thus, the deportation was not legally possible.

The fourth suspect was a since 30. December 2018 full years of Iranians, which was after the rejection of his application for asylum in February 2018 obliged to leave the country. His deportation proceedings would have already operated. So far, deportations have failed in Iran, however, often lack a passport or passport substitute papers, explained Herrmann. He made no indication whether this applied also to the case of the man from Iran.

sources: “Mittelbayerische Zeitung, Passauer Neue Presse”, “image”-newspaper, Facebook page NPD Nürnberg

wue / DPA / AFP

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