the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn is pushing for a stronger fight against Obesity and poor nutrition. “Especially the children we must protect,” said the CDU politician of the German press Agency.

support nutrition Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU), have brought the food industry to gradually reduce the fat, salt and sugar in manufactured products. “We will build on this commitment by the food industry and check them regularly,” said Spahn. Otherwise, the legislature would have to intervene. Less to avoid Overweight a lot of suffering and costs.

The Cabinet approved on Wednesday a of Klöckner’s strategy, agreements with manufacturers. Thus, by 2025, products such as cereals, frozen pizza, or sweetened drinks should contain gradually less and less fat, salt and sugar. From consumer protection groups and the Opposition was not part of the sharp criticism that the model is sufficient, on a voluntary Basis. To start the implementation in early 2019, an initial assessment should occur in the fall.

In Germany, according to the Ministry of Food, 47 per cent of women, 62 per cent of men and 15 percent of children are considered overweight. Too much sugar, fat and salt increase the risk for cardiovascular disease and Diabetes. Consumer advocates and medical professionals have long been calling for a stronger against control, for example, with other labels, advertising restrictions or Extra taxes.


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