the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn doubts that it is sufficient for a successful Integration of migrants, if they speak good English, have work and to the basic law and to confess. “Constitutional patriotism alone is not enough ( … ),” said the Christian Democrat, in the “world on Sunday”. There are also English-speaking migrants with a good Job, the pan still, “in honor of Erdogan, the Turkish Flag”. The real question is: “How we treat each other? We have respect for the other? We live the values of this society? Understanding, compassion, helpfulness, willingness, and commitment to volunteering.”

one in four young German interferes with the construction of mosques

Spahn, expressed in the framework of a contentious conversation with the former Green-Chairman Cem Özdemir. This said: “There must be objective criteria, and the must and can only be our Constitution.” The member of Parliament warned of the “old leitkultur debate”: “The leads but nothing Substantial.”


Open letter

your populist misogyny is getting ridiculous, Mr. Spahn!

The construction of mosques in Germany, every fourth young person is disturbed according to a survey. The statement “to Me, it is that more and more mosques to be built in Germany” agreed to interfere in the Online survey by the Forsa-Institut, 24 percent of respondents between the ages of 16 and 25 years. The survey, commissioned by the FDP-affiliated Friedrich Naumann Foundation is the German press Agency.

About says every second young people and young adults, it could not be responsible for issues such as immigration or Islam, certain opinions openly, without having to the right or to the right-wing stamped. In the East as in the West, 51 percent of the respondents are of this opinion, men and people with lower education degrees are more likely than women or higher Educated.

Islam is part of Germany?

Spahn was scepticism to see the wording of the former Federal President Christian Wulff that “Islam belongs to Germany”. He asked “whether the German rule of law, separation of powers, which include the equality of man and woman, the rights of minorities or the freedom of religion to everyone here lived faith of Islam”. And more: “Is the support in all the mosques, and in the sermon on Friday? I don’t think so.”

Özdemir pointed to the Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the Wulff set the question of “Which Islam?” clarified. The “overwhelming majority of Muslims” in Germany wool, not Salafi Islam, he said. “You are glad that you enjoy much more rights than in the countries from which they or their ancestors come from.”

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