In a further step, the convergence of South and North Korea have initiated the restoration of its rail and road links across the border.

Both countries are held on Wednesday at the train station of Panmun in the border near the North Korean city of Kaesong, a Foundation stone-laying ceremony, which should signal the beginning of the route modernisation in the isolated North. The actual start of the Work of the UN sanctions against North Korea because of its nuclear weapons programme in the way.

At the ceremony of the station took part according to Reports, South Korea is approximately 200 government representatives and guests from South and North Korea. Also Russia, China and Mongolia, as well as the economic and social Commission for Asia and the Pacific of the United Nations (UNESCAP) sent a representative, showing that the project is not limited to the Korean Peninsula.

“The artery that connects the South with the North, will be the main bloodstream for the common good in East Asia,” said South Korea’s transportation Minister Kim Hyun-Mee of the Reports of your speech in Kaesong. They had traveled together with unification Minister Cho Myoung Gyon and the other participants from the South in a special train to North Korea.

long-term goal of both countries is the transport to the Eurasian continent, and therefore the economic relations. At the end of 2008, North Korea had a section of the rail link to the South for the transport of goods on a short haul, less than a year after their recovery to be interrupted.

According to the severe stresses in the past years due to a number of nuclear and missile tests by North Korea, both countries approach since the beginning of this year. The planned Expansion of the economic cooperation, the connection of transportation routes by two of the border corridors. The success of the joint rail and road project depends “on the will and determination of our people,” said the North Korean Vice-Minister of Railways Kim Yun Hyok in Kaesong.

start when the Work on the routes, is still unclear. After the ceremony, further tests and plans were initially provided, according to the unification Ministry in Seoul.

could be held, Thus laying the groundwork now, for the Transport of equipment and the journey of a South Korean platoon in the North, a temporary exemption of the North Korea sanctions Committee of the UN security Council. The country is subjected to strict sanctions. The negotiations of the USA with North Korea over its nuclear and missile program are currently stalled. Washington wants to agree to the easing of sanctions until Pyongyang takes concrete steps toward nuclear disarmament.


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