a Good two months after the start of the mass protests of hundreds of thousands in France, some of the “yellow West want to take” the leap into the European Parliament.

With an own list, you want to compete in the European elections in may – led by the well-known “yellow vest,” Ingrid Levavasseur, a 31-Year-old nurse from the North of France. The Plan does not meet, in the “yellow vests”. For the French President, Emmanuel Macron and his party, the movement of the Macron must be opponents but not a disadvantage.

“We don’t want more people to be the decisions of the European authorities, to the dictates of the financial caste and technocrats subjected to have forgotten the Essential: solidarity and the planet,” – said in a message that is several French media. The current list consists of ten names, until the middle of February, 69 with more to be added.

the fact that the “yellow West” could compete in the European elections, there is some speculation in France. The movement, which originated in social networks, however, is fragmented and has no leader.

The nurse Levavasseur was involved from the beginning in your Region in the protests quickly, the television was in France. The channel BFMTV offered her a Position as a commentator in a broadcast – the 31-Year-old finally refused, because she was threatened, according to their own information solid. “You can’t even imagine the damage you humans inflict, the fight for you,” she wrote on Facebook.

Within the “yellow West” is one of Levavasseur more to the moderate wing of the movement; unlike Eric Drouet, the lead, in the case of protests already, and repeatedly, has been arrested and is very active in the social networks.

“yellow vest,” Maxime Nicolle, called the “Fly Rider”, has become especially over the Internet in France is popular – he threw levavasseur on Facebook to tell their followers. The European elections were part of the system that wanted to fight the “yellow vests”. Also on their Facebook page, leva is attacked Vasseur for their projects from the users in focus. By participating in the European elections, with games Macrons game and that of his minions, wrote an. “You split the movement and to the delight of the government.”

Levavasseur and their supporters, however, are not the only “yellow West”, it moves from roundabouts in the policy. Jacline Mouraud, is also a prominent face of the movement, and more moderate, had announced, for example, to want your own party reasons. They currently work on, she said in an interview with the German press Agency. It has also received private information after time and again threats. The fragmentation of the “yellow West” could be used to detect the fragmentation of the entire French society, ruled you.

Levavasseur of Hayk Shahinyan, the head of the campaign, and a successful “yellow West”-Facebook page had co-founded and is Supported. “We have managed, all together, want to continue this fight. I am very confident that we are going to be the list that represents the various initiatives at the most,” he said in an Interview with BFMTV.

The French government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux welcomed the thrust of the “yellow vests”. He was glad that the movement would now be able to compete with concrete proposals to the voters to vote. The right populist Marine Le Pen said that she and her party had had the political competition, no fear. According to observers, a “yellow West”list in the election in may would cost but, above all, the Right votes.

A recent survey by the opinion research Institute Elabe, Macrons party La Republique en Marche came to 23.5 per cent, if the “yellow West” would not compete. Le pen’s Rassemblement National would end up with 20.5 percent. Differently it looks, if the “yellow West”: you would get directly 13 percent of the vote. Macrons party would lose a percentage point, Le pen’s RN three percentage points. Thus, the right-wing populists of the survey, the biggest losers of the “yellow West”assault.

The “yellow West”movement had overthrown Macron in the worst crisis of his term. Since mid-November, to demonstrate again and again tens of thousands against the reform policy of the heads of state and against a too low perceived purchasing power. Again and again there were riots.