Prime Minister Viktor Orbán wants the Hungarian with significant financial incentives to give birth to more children. “This is the answer of the Hungarians (on the decline in the birth rate), not the Migration,” said the right-national politicians on Sunday in his annual speech on the state of the Nation. In 2016, Hungary was only 1.45 births per woman – apparently too little for the head of government.

Why, Orbán between the migrants and the EU-to understand the enemy’s colours, he wants to join his followers on the European elections at the end of may. Because what should be enforced for children in the future, in the world, it apparently does not matter.

more money for More births – for more Hungary

“We don’t want to Pay, we want Hungarian babies,” said Orbán in his speech. Europe had arrived at a “historic crossroads”. “Who decides – for whatever reason – for-Migration and migrants, and creates a country with a mixed population”, said Mr Orbán, the “taz”.


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The “response of Hungary” and the population shrinkage, as Orban says, and to have to keep the “Hungarian identity”: “In the run-up to the European elections, Europe is again the point where we defend our Hungarian identity, our Christian heritage has been reached”, the head of government said.

This should be Seven-point-Plan with family policy measures.

among other things, … … that every woman under 40 who married for the first Time, gets a credit in the amount of 10 million Forint (31.417 Euro) for free use granted. The repayment of the loan will be suspended at the birth of the first child for three years. After the second child, one-third of the loan will be issued after the third of the total credit.In addition, the credit to be extended to programmes for the housing acquisition and guarantees depending on the number of children is partly borne by the state.Families with at least three children received at the purchase of a minimum of seven-seat vehicle, a grant from the state in the amount of 2.5 million Forint.Women who have given birth to four or more children, and raise, are in future to be up to your life the end of the income exempt from tax.In addition, grandparents who care for their grandchildren should receive financial support from the state.The “final battle” in the European Parliament

“30 years Ago we thought that we have thrown the Communist thoughts permanently to the garbage that had declared an end to the Nations – it seems that we have deceived us,” said Orbán. “Once again you announce a world without Nations, you want to open societies and those who are back, sweeping away our traditions and our country want to flood with foreign cultures.” He described the forthcoming elections to the European Parliament, as the “final battle”.

With a view to the European Union, said the head of government, the “new stronghold of the International means Brussels and its medium is that of immigration”. Immigration but leads to “a rise in crime, especially against women” and leave “the Virus of terrorism to penetrate”. In this context, Orbán said concern about the “transformation of formerly Christian countries”. In immigration countries and Muslim worlds would be “Christian”, in which the percentage of Christians is shrinking continuously. The development could not be reversed once set in motion, – “who goes always in this Express, will arrive at the Terminus, there is no return ticket,” said the Hungarian Prime Minister.

The rewards of Orbán appear to be pursuing a different goal: more money for More births – for more Hungary and less migrants.

sources: “taz”, the news agencies DPA and AFP

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