Which brings midterm elections in the United States have the Democrats not only the majority, but also a series of progressive, rebellious newcomers in the house of representatives. The “Freshmen” as they are in the United States called, that you care little about conventions and the idea of reject, who had been longer in the business of politics, know better how to operate it. “Many of their election victories were achieved by Leaving the established trails,” writes the news site, “U. S. News” about the predominantly female members. “Therefore, they are polarized, the Rule in the same rebellious way.”

newcomers to walk into the office of the Republican leader,

In the budget dispute with U.S. President Donald Trump to demonstrate the “Freshman”members of just what that means. On Tuesday I met a handful of them to discuss a common strategy in the conflict, reported the American newspaper “Politico”. The Deputy Susie Lee proposed to send the Republican majority leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, a letter of invitation, for the past four weeks of partial unemployment to a standstill. The idea was well received, their implementation, however, would have needed some time, writes “Politico” citing members of the group. “Why don’t we take today?” I asked the 31-year-old Deputy Katie Hill. “Let’s just go over there.”

a Few hours later marched around a dozen newcomers to an impromptu press conference under the open sky, with reporters and cameras in tow to McConnell’s office in the Capitol, as the news from the Washington policy specialist American newspaper “Roll Call” reports. To not encountered your Regret, the Republican leader there, but received from the employees, the commitment to a Meeting – and of the mitgelaufenen journalists plenty of public attention.

First speech in the house of representatives

Youngest Congressman Ocasio-Cortez, torn to shreds by Trump due to “Shutdown”

By Marc Drewello

the first was made up of a series of actions, the plan, the democratic “Freshmen” to the fierce struggle for the budget freeze and the border wall, from President Donald Trump to impose their stamp, writes “Politico”. “One thing that Trump has proven, ( … ), to draw attention on yourself, and to control the reporting,” the newspaper quoted Katie Hill. “So we try to do everything we can, because so far as possible against.”

“Freshmen” want to beat Donald Trump with his own weapons

The new members, hope according to “Politico,” their message using their collective Star Power forward. They have attracted widespread media attention, with more minorities, women and young people than ever before in the Congress moved in. The youngest Congressman in US history, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has already become one of the most influential politicians of the democratic party. The 29-year-old has almost 2.5 million Twitter Followers and can hardly walk through the Capitol, without a swarm of reporters and photographers surrounded.

“Together, we will draw probably more attention, reach a wider Public than most of the other members”, quoted by “Politico” Katie Hill. “So, how can we use that to our advantage?”

results of the Midterms

Muslim, indigenous, gay: This candidate’s writing in the United States history


“We continue to every single legislative option,” adds Ocasio-Cortez. “But now we have to find, in my opinion, easy ways to be creative and build pressure.”

One of the newcomers discussed tactics is according to the report, the question of how you can use Social Media to put the Republicans and Donald Trump. As the office of Mitch McConnell on Saturday, so on Tuesday a new Hashtag: “#whereis Mitch”.

the next day, the group of 30 Freshmen under the letter, signed in person in McConnell’s office to submit decided. And later that night she was held by a series of Speeches in the house of representatives. These so-called “Special Order Speeches” are usually perceived by the Public is hardly found in this case, but Twitter is an Echo.

“Sir, do your Job,”

With their unconventional action, the newcomers have attracted the attention of well-established representatives of the people: “I talked last night with a Senator. He said that he was for 16 years here in the house of representatives, and never a foot on the side of the Senate has set” – quoted by “Politico,” the 32-year-old Deputy, Lauren Underwood. “We’ve been here two weeks, and I was twice over there, and I’ve been looking everywhere for Senator McConnell to say: ‘Sir, do your Job.'”

it Should be in the budget dispute, no progress, want to meet the “Freshmen” according to the newspaper next week to discuss further actions. “This group was sent here to the Store to beat them up,” said the 34-year-old Joe Neguse. “We will not sit around idly.”

budget freeze in the USA

How “Shutdown”is Concerned, try to keep yourself without a salary above the water

While Donald Trump and the Democrats in the budget dispute, are unforgiving, don’t know many of the agents of the state, how to feed their families and are desperately looking for ways to earn money.

By Marc Drewello

sources: “U.S. News”, “Politico”, “Roll Call”