persistent rainy weather While in the North of Germany, the Winter in the South of the country and in the entire Alpine Region. For the next few days heavy snow falls continue to be predicted. A storm with Gale-force winds to snow drifts and, thus, more problems might be in order.

All of the events and developments relating to the winter chaos in the star-snow-Ticker:

+++ 16.58 PM: Important travel route in the Tyrol, for several days++++

locked The remote mountain pass in Tirol (B179) is blocked due to the weather forecasts as a precaution for several days. According to the Austrian automobile club ÖAMTC, the lock between the villages of Bichlbach and Lermoos occurs on Friday at midnight and remains in effect until Tuesday, 19.00. Affected also many German tourists and commuters could be because the fern pass road, a main route of travel from Germany. The German motorway A7 Füssen, on the border tunnels to the Austrian B179. The blocking can only be used on a large scale via Ehrwald and Garmisch-Partenkirchen avoided.

+++ 16.15: snow plow crashes into river, driver dies +++

An 18-ton snow plow fell in Lenggries in the Isar. The 48-year-old driver was trapped in the water and only after the recovery of the clearance vehicle tool in a life-threatening condition was able to be in a special hospital to Innsbruck flown. He died there in the afternoon. The vehicle was overturned in the rooms. The rescue measures proved extremely difficult, the masses of Snow made it difficult to Work, a crane had to be requested. The road in the district of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen was locked.

+++ 15.39 at: avalanches in Austria +++

In Austria, the forces have used blasted the snow break and avalanches from the Slopes blown off. As a result, the Hochkar-Alpine road to the ski area Hochkar again cleared, as the mayor of Göstling, Friedrich Fahrnberger said. What time is the skiing at the Hochkar again, was not first, but that is exactly foreseeable. Also in Styria, some of the roads could be opened to tours, at least temporarily. Along the Pyhrn autobahn (A9) and many other roads, the trees were released, as a precaution, with the help of the rotor-winds of helicopters of snow.

+++ 15.14 PM: Merkel backs help for counties to apply +++

In five Bavarian districts in the event of a disaster. Armed forces, Technical relief, Federal police and local forces try to cope with the masses of Snow on the roofs. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) on Friday to assure that the number of the forces could, if necessary, be increased. “The Chancellor, as well as the entire Federal government would like to thank all the helpers in the from the fierce snow-affected areas for their use”, said the Deputy government spokesperson Ulrike Demmer in Berlin. The Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) wants to visit the snowy regions on Saturday.

+++ 14.36 hrs: new snow in Bavaria – wet weather in Germany +++

For the weekend of the next snow announces. In the Alps and in the Bavarian forest, it will be up on Saturday morning again, 5 to 10 centimeters. In the middle and the South of Germany are, if at all, to be expected only a few inches of snow, said the German weather service on Friday in Offenbach.

The snow level increases, but steadily, and will rise to Sunday, mostly above 1000, in the South on up to 1500 meters, it said. By Monday evening it drops according to the DWD in Germany again – in the North-East to low altitudes, in the South to about 600 meters.

Until Tuesday morning, so on the Alps above 800 meters, 30 to 70 cm, to be expected in exposed locations, even up to a Meter of new snow. “A fundamental Change in the situation, it is not at least come to mid-week in sight,” said a weather expert at the DWD.

In most Parts of Germany there is instead of snow just windy and wet weather at temperatures of 2 to 7 degrees. In the Monday night, it relaxes according to the DWD in the North a little, otherwise, further rainfall. 5 to 1 degree of a frost-free place to stay, it is usually in the higher mountains and in the Alps, temperatures of 1 to Minus 3 degrees are expected. In-free layers, it can lead to stormy gusts, in the lake and in the mountains, sometimes to severe storm and hurricane – like gusts.

+++ 14.32: roofs in the area of Berchtesgaden snow load threatened +++

In the area of Berchtesgaden, the helpers fight against the masses of Snow. The roads were cleared on Friday a large part of the concern was then the roofs. More than 450 buildings were threatened, so far, nearly 100 were exempted from the burden, with shared use authorities on Friday. About 800 forces of the armed forces, Technical relief (THW), fire brigades and other organizations were in use. The snow was often more than a metre high on the roofs, was even talk of up to two meters.

“are There first of all the roofs,” said Landrat Georg Grabner (CSU). He had to call on Thursday for parts of his rural district Berchtesgadener Land in the event of a disaster, to be able to, among other things, the help of the Bundeswehr request. It is further also to transport routes. Especially under snow load crushing the end of the trees endangered the traffic. A helicopter should start as soon as possible, to rid the trees of the blocked stretch of the road in the District carrying amount of the load. There are approximately 300 people from the outside world are cut off. “We also need to keep the avalanche situation in the eye,” said Grabner.

+++ 13.43 PM: the Federal army evacuated German students with helicopter +++

The Austrian Federal army has a large group of students from the vicinity of Dortmund flew in with two helicopters from a mountain. The group with a total of 66 people have been sitting since Saturday in the high mountain house in Grünau im Almtal, said mayor Wolfgang Bammer of the Austrian news Agency APA.

The teenagers from Dortmund travelled for a skiing trip to upper Austria. Due to the large avalanche danger and the closed ski lifts, you could but, ultimately, not on the slopes. You would not have enjoyed a more adventurous stay, however, as after a few days, mobile phone and television were available, said Bammer. Only an emergency generator had supplied the house with electricity.

+++ 12.42 PM: researcher: snow chaos possible sign of climate change +++

The Potsdam Institute for climate impact research (PIK) does not exclude a connection between the current masses of Snow in the Alps and climate change. “The atmosphere has become warmer, so gthere is more moisture,” said climate researcher Peter Hoffmann, the German press Agency in Potsdam. For days it snows, especially in the Alpine space. There, the second-highest avalanche was on Thursday warning level.

According to Hoffmann, it is the climatic conditions, and on the other, the so-called mountain-effect: “We just have a massive North-flow, which goes over the North sea, which has relatively mild temperatures for the time of year – since the potential for moisture is there,” said Hoffmann. “This wind flow runs exactly against the mountains and against the Alps.”

The mountain effect is reinforced such events, according to the scientist. “It’s like a traffic jam of precipitation at the front of the mountains,” said Hoffmann. “In the summer, this precipitation leads to high water, in Winter, intense snow. The snow falls in deep freezing temperatures, then you are rather wet snow.” The interplay between Frost and thaw is yet to come. “Then, the snow load will be even stronger.”

+++ 11.27 am: as of Saturday evening, heavy snowfall in the Alps +++

expected After temporary relaxation of the German weather service (DWD) in the Alps, expected cases as of Saturday evening, heavy snow. Like this one announced on Friday in Offenbach, then there “is to be expected striking amounts of new Snow”. Heavy snow falls in southern Bavaria in days for major problems.

Several counties have declared the case of a disaster. Traffic was partially disrupted significantly, the snow load on roofs and trees, provides a risk. In Aying near Munich, a falling tree killed on Thursday a nine-year-old. On Friday, the situation calmed down. The DWD, only a few centimeters of snow should fall.

+++ 10.03 PM: avalanche danger in Austria has fallen slightly – reconnaissance flights planned +++

In many Parts of Austria, the avalanche danger has decreased slightly. In the most from the enormous fall of snow the past few days affected areas, the second highest warning level 4 was on Friday, for the most part, the Services said. On Thursday, the highest avalanche was in a different warning level 5.

In the open terrain, it nevertheless extremely dangerous, as, among other things, the Land of Salzburg. “The structure of the snowpack is extremely unstable and avalanches can easily be triggered,” said Michael Butschek from the avalanche warning service Salzburg according to a statement. “We strongly advise against driving in open terrain.”

For Friday had expected the forecasters with a short snow break, and sometimes even with sunshine in the Alps. Only towards the evening should therefore form clouds again, expected to bring new snow. “Especially in the night from Sunday to Monday, strong Wind comes,” in the Land of Salzburg. Therefore, the avalanche situation could escalate to the start of the week.

The short nice weather want to take advantage of the use of force in many places for reconnaissance flights with helicopters, among other things, controlled explosives to prepare. The Austrian Federal army and the interior Ministry in Vienna helicopter did not last.

+++ 8 PM: risk of avalanches in the Bavarian Alps drops – usually 3 instead of 4 +++

the level of The avalanche danger has decreased in many Parts of the Bavarian Alps, according to experts. For Friday downgraded the avalanche warning service Bavaria in Munich, the danger only for the Berchtesgaden Alps as a large one, is the second highest of five threat. For the rest of the Alpine space a significant risk, i.e. level 3.

In the past few days, experts from across the Board of a large avalanche danger outgoing, which corresponds to level 4. They warned but now continued: “Due to the possible large excursions in the mountains, expanses of avalanches require particular caution and considered route choice.”

+++ 6.45 PM: snow a traffic jam on the A8 at the Chiemsee +++

Due to a blocking of the highway 8 at lake Chiemsee in the district of Rosenheim sat since Thursday night, many people in heavy snow in traffic. The Bavarian Red cross has built up care support points. The helper should leave the traffic jam and the people. Also in the early morning hours, the police could give no reason for complacency.


The municipality of Jachenau in Bad Tölz is currently only on a forestry road with the outside world

©Angelika Warmuth/ Picture-Alliance +++ 6 PM: disaster case in the district of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen +++

Because of the heavy snow associated since the late Thursday evening in the southern Bavarian district of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen in the case of a disaster. In addition to the municipality of Jachenau, where the case of a disaster a few days ago, would have now other municipalities in the district with the masses of Snow to contend with, informed the district office in the night. Big problems there with access roads, and the snow loads on the roofs. Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen is to the counties of Miesbach, the Berchtesgadener Land district and Traunstein, the fourth district, in Bavaria, in the event of a disaster.

“The civil protection authority, the operations of the rescue forces, as well as other services, is now coordinating bodies, and may also request additional assistance, for example, from the German armed forces,” said district administrator Josef Niedermaier.

messages of Thursday, the 10.1.

+++ 21.06 at: avalanche in Switzerland rolls up in the hotel restaurant, – three injured +++

A 300-Meter-wide avalanche crashed into a hotel restaurant and injured three people easily. The snow was gone on the Schwägalp, Canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden, as the news Agency SDA reported. The white masses spilled accordingly, a plurality of vehicles, and also broke into the Restaurant of the hotel Säntis. A guest of this establishment told the Swiss newspaper “Tagblatt”, he was outside, suddenly see the snow swirling around and first on a roof avalanche believed. “Then there was a huge noise, and in the rear area of the snow penetrated the masses to the Restaurant.”

+++ 18.21 PM: the Federal army since the Saturday cut off place in Austria +++

The Austrian army has managed to reach since Saturday from the outside world cut off municipality of Hohe Tauern in upper Styria. The soldiers took food and Diesel on a forest road in the municipality, as Vice-mayor Gernot Jetz said. “The squad has beaten all-terrain vehicles through streams and steep terrain here,” said Jetz. For cars it is currently impossible to drive in the place of in or out. For Friday expect Jetz and his colleagues on the crisis team with a time window, in the may, avalanche blasting may be possible. The approximately 750 people trapped will now be informed that they could be brought in this window of time, with the Federal army from the place your car would then have to remain in the Hohe Tauern.

+++ 17.30: a child slain in the district of Munich umstürzendem tree +++

A nine-year-old Boy has been killed in Aying in the district of Munich by a falling tree. As the police informed, was broken the tree under high snow load. 20 minutes later, witnesses discovered the buried child and alerted the rescue forces. This tried for about an hour in vain for the child to revive.

+++ 16.35 PM: German armed forces in the Berchtesgadener Land in use +++

So the situation is not exacerbated, in the meantime, the German armed forces in the Berchtesgadener Land in use, which will form after the official Declaration of a disaster case is a kind of Shuttle with armored vehicles, to provide the people in the cut off village, as the press officer Eckhard Michel says, would be suspect as a Major to the sea, so his job title, but rather on the water in a different aggregate state. Since Wednesday, the soldiers had driven in front of all the residents and staff of the Asthma center and supplies.

The German armed forces and their mountaineers are now to help to free the roofs, the snow load. “On the roofs of already one and a half to two feet of snow to part now,” said Rasp. Thus, the snow pressures with a weight of up to 400 kilos per square meter on the roof. Most of the roofs in the District of book height were designed to be 500 pounds. But further falls of snow are announced.

+++ 16.27 at: Landkreis Traunstein calls the case of a disaster +++

The district of Traunstein calls because of the weather conditions in the event of a disaster. “We want to ensure the ability of the services to the full extent, and also to the aid of the German armed forces to fall back,“ said Councilor Siegfried Walch. Due to the risk situations, the civil protection authority is now at the district office with the participation of authorities, departments and forces of the various rescue and relief organizations and armed forces, the coordination of interventions. Previously, the district of Berchtesgadener Land as well as the district of proclaimed already in Miesbach the case of a disaster.

+++ 16.17 PM: Baby and mother in the snow uniform jacket warms up cold infant +++

In the Bavarian Allgäu region, police officers have kept a shivering infant from worse. Passers-by had discovered in Kaufbeuren, the helpless mother of the child, drunk in the snow next to a sidewalk. The woman held her insufficiently clothed Baby in her arms. The patrol officers wrapped the jacket the little girl in a uniform, and laid it in the police car, until the emergency services arrived. “After it had to get in a warm ambulance, and even put on a hat, it fell immediately to sleep,” said the police to the incident from the day before. The forces brought mother and child to the hospital.

+++ 16.13 PM: of snow masses force to find the Cemetery closed in Chemnitz +++

In the Municipal cemetery in the Saxon town of Chemnitz to 14. January due to high snow risk of breaking security, no funerals instead of reasons. As the city announced, were all cancelled until Monday scheduled funerals, the cemetery was closed. At the same time, was warned in Chemnitz, Germany, before Entering the forests, Parks and green spaces: Due to the large snow load is the danger of Branches and tree crowns cancel. The city Park was blocked so completely.

+++ 15.33 PM: Around 170 trucks Federal highway in Saxony +++

block Around cars 170 load from Wednesday to Thursday, the Federal road 174 in Chemnitz blocked. As the police said, had dozens of enduring long-distance drivers overnight because of the winter weather on the road in their vehicles. In the meantime, have eased the Situation on the part of the Saxon Federal highway, police said. In total, the police registered Directorate of Chemnitz, in the period up to Thursday morning, more than 275 accidents with a total of 22 injured. Came to the kilometre-long traffic jams on the motorways a 4 and a 72. There trucks were broke down, or in road ditches slipped. In the ore mountains, many of the Federal government were also on a Thursday, and County roads due to slippery snow-and -drifts and fallen trees blocked

+++ 15.15: road salt supplies in Austria to make because of the snow difficult +++

When the current masses of Snow in Austria, many places could use road salt. But the salt supplies are, of all things, hindered by the snow. Austria’s largest supplier of Salinen Austria, headquartered in Ebensee in the middle of in the Alps because of the many blocked or out of security locked-down streets of reasons, “big delivery problems,” said saline spokeswoman Katharina Steiner, the Austrian news Agency APA.

“This is not for the entire company, but particularly for the production and the logistics are easy,” stressed the spokesperson. Moreover, because of the snow, many of the 500 or so salt-works-employees not to work.

Last Winter, had sold Salinen Austria more than 500,000 tonnes of de-icing salt. Currently, Austria has to fight, as well as Bavaria and Saxony, with large masses of Snow. In some places the snow is three feet high, in large Parts of the Alpine Republic has the highest avalanche is warning level. Several places were cut off from the outside world.

+++ 14.50 PM: Biathlon in Ruhpolding: “the world Cup is currently not in jeopardy” +++

With the helpers of the organizers to fight in front of the Biathlon world Cup in Ruhpolding, against the masses of Snow. The local Ski Club had asked in a public call to remove the snow in the Chiemgau Arena, in order not to endanger the implementation of the event in the next week. Engelbert Schweiger, the Secretary-General of the world Cup organizing Committee and head of the Chiemgau-Arena, said the “Traunsteiner Tagblatt”: “The world Cup is not currently in danger.” Schweiger added: “we are facing major logistical challenges, is not to be denied.” Currently, the Biathlon world Cup in Oberhof Station, in Ruhpolding, it then goes from the 15. January.

+++ 13.55 PM: The Outlook: the Winter of (almost) all of them – but only for a short time +++

Plenty of snow in the Alps and in the ore mountains for days – on Friday it is temporarily expected with the Winter, for (almost) all in Germany. From the North sea coast, apart, falls, according to the German weather service (DWD) in the North-Western half of Germany, first snow. “That means there are many places in the early Friday morning light snow with an appropriate smoothness,” said a meteorologist.

However, the snow will be replaced soon by rain. In the transition range from snow to rain, the threat of freezing rain and ice that still existed it was called. Only in the South can hold on to the colder air a little better, and the precipitation coming as snow. South of the river are to be expected up in the night to Saturday a few inches of new snow. In the rest of the Federal territory, the snow line rises to 600 to 800 meters.

On the weekend, there are in most Parts of Germany, therefore, instead of winter splendor, only windy and wet weather, with temperatures two to seven degrees. As in the Alps, the snow is wet, it will increase the load on roofs, trees or overhead wires. On the coasts and in the mountains-heavy squalls are on the weekend, in addition to Gale-force winds.

current weather situation in the Live-Tracker

snow masses pile up in Bavaria and Austria, In Styria, The danger of avalanches in the Austrian Alps, threatening evacuations

every hour, bigger, also in Bavaria, the forecasters expect even more snow. You can see the development in the Live-Tracker

DPA +++ 13.35 PM: snow chaos in Austria has been one of the first effects for tourism +++

The continuing snowfall in wide Parts of Austria have enabled the tourism industry a shock. “The day guests at the Moment are not so numerous on the slopes, on the road,” said Gernot Hörwertner, speaker of the Salzburger Land tourism, the German press Agency.

Also, according to the cable cars-Chairman of the Styrian chamber of Commerce, Fabrice Girardoni, are the days of guests the impact of the severe winter weather. The tourism coordinator of the Austrian chamber of economy of language already to a Minus of 50 percent for short-term booking requests, according to the news Agency APA reported.

most of the ski lifts remain open, the how to arrive, in some cases, but is difficult or impossible. “In the Hohe Tauern two slopes are currently open for the guests that are still there,” said the spokeswoman of tourism of Styria, Ute Hödl. The small community is already since Saturday is not accessible. According to Hödl, some tourists from Hesse persevere there, but skiing, at least. Similarly, the Planneralm: no vehicle access is possible, some of the lifts are open.

+++ 13.23 PM: Oberstdorf blocks due to avalanche danger streets to two valleys +++

Due to avalanche danger, the municipality of Oberstdorf in Bavaria access roads to two of the valleys are locked. 65 estate, including several Hotels, were affected, said the spokeswoman of the market town, Christine Uebelhör. The residents and vacationers in the stillach valley in the southern area of the Trettachtals had already been on Wednesday about the upcoming lockout-informed. Those who wished could leave it.

the valley station of the fellhorn train could not be achieved because of the blocking and had to be closed. The mountain railway operator a introduced in addition, the operation of the Oberstdorf nebelhornbahn cable car because of the weather conditions. The buildings in the two valleys are not at risk, according to the experts, only to the streets in the villages of Avalanches threatened. On Friday, the avalanche dangerous masses of Snow to be blown up.

+++ 12.52 PM: authority: More than 60 cold dead in Ukraine +++

More than 60 people came to the Ukraine in the past weeks due to the freezing temperatures, according to official figures, killed. Due to hypothermia or frostbite, about 900 people had been brought in December to the hospital, reported local media, citing the Ministry of health. In Parts of the Eastern European country, the temperatures dropped in recent nights, up to minus 20 degrees. The authorities tried to help homeless people, by offering in tents or in public buildings, among other things, of warm tea. Last Winter, more than 160 Ukrainians froze to death. In Russia, too, there was the beginning of the year, numerous cold dead.

+++ 12 hrs: Important Federal highway in Bavaria, due to avalanche danger +++

blocked Because of the high avalanche danger for skiers and travelers important Federal road 307 is locked in upper Bavaria, part. Between the Kreuther Wildbad Kreuth and Kreuth villages of the Bavarian forest near the border to Austria is flowing there since Thursday morning, no traffic. How long the block will last is still not in sight, said a spokeswoman for the district administrative office of Miesbach. Winter athletes get on the B307 to the ski resort on the Achensee in Austria. Travelers and commuters use the highway to avoid the Inntal motorway. In the Alps, the second highest avalanche was on Thursday warning level.

++++ 11.57 PM: train services in Parts of Saxony +++

set The onset of winter has to train in the Vogtland region in Eastern Saxony in part, to a Standstill. As the countries Bahn said, on some routes, due to fallen trees and snow drifts, nothing more. The main lines of the Trilex from Bischofswerda to Zittau, and from Bischofswerda to Görlitz are falls due to Tree completely blocked. The clearing of the route to Gorlitz is difficult, as the vehicular access to the forest life was dangerous, informed the railway companies with reference to information of the fire brigade.

In the direction of Zittau drive a Erkundungszug with the saw crews to clear the path. Between Dresden and Bischofswerda, the trains would have to commute. A replacement transport is reported to be not possible, because the bus services due to weather conditions, can make no long-distance trips. How long the closures will last, was not foreseeable.

+++ 10.24 PM: police found the dead driver on the A8 +++

such As the “Stuttgarter Nachrichten” reports, could mountains, the police and the German Red cross, a driver on the A8, only dead. The forces discovered night the 54-Year-old Wednesday, as the jam broke up on the A8 between Ulm-Ost, up and Mühlhausen in the valleys. Previously, the traffic standstill on this section because of the heavy snow. Despite immediate medical treatment, only the death of the 54-Year-olds. “Apparently, she was asleep and didn’t Wake up”. “We go from a medical Problem,” says the police commander, the “Stuttgarter Nachrichten”.

+++ 9.52 PM: snow chaos on the A8 – hundreds of Truck and car drivers fixed +++

sat in the car, hundreds of trucks and motorists have in the night, to Donnerstag due to snow falls and smoothness on the highway 8 sat. From the evening, the truck had always fallen back on the snow-slick roadway to Slide and caused disabilities, said a police spokeswoman on Thursday. The traffic had come to this between Ulm and Nellingen in Baden-Württemberg to a length of about 35 kilometers to a Standstill. The jam was resolved on Thursday morning. The information, according to the police, rescue services, Technical relief and the highway maintenance Agency. The helpers distributed, among other things, Blankets and hot drinks.

+++ 4.00 PM: Several places in the Alps is not accessible +++

The persistent snow on the ends to keep the people in Bavaria and Austria, but also in the ore mountains, more in breath. Several towns are hardly or not reach – including Galtür in the Tyrol, in February 1999, is already the scene of one of the largest Avalanche accidents in the history of Austria. In the South of Bavaria, the book of settlement amount in Berchtesgaden and the municipality of Jachenau due to snow are largely cut off, but with food of a sufficient supply. Also Saxony is sinking in many places in the snow, the traffic situation is similar to chaotic as in the Alps. Carl field near Plauen was temporarily cut off from the environment, also the city center of Oberwiesenthal can be reached. Access roads to the border to the Czech Republic are as blocked reported. Many schools in the Erzgebirge of Germany will remain in this closed Thursday.

+++ 4.00 PM: railway-transported snow masses +++

The railway wanted to began in the night, including excavators and wheel loaders masses of Snow from the train Miesbach yards away, Schaftlach in Waakirchen and Schliersee, the train traffic to resume. Nevertheless, it continues to be the default, and disabilities. The current error messages out of the snow area are available on the Internet. Also, drivers need to adapt to the weather conditions, and in many places significantly slower on the road.

dho / fs / wue / DPA / AFP

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