He is the “man’s best friend” and have been for a very, very long time. How long exactly depends on the part of the world you studied. In Europe, people in each case have, for millennia, tamed dogs. British researchers now show how the animals looked around 4,000 years ago. To do this, scientists have reconstructed an equally ancient dog skull using 3-D computer technology. The Historic Environment Scotland (HES). The authority takes care of the preservation of archaeologically and historically significant sites in Scotland.

The reconstructed dog’s skull had been found, therefore, once more than 115 years ago in a cave on the Scottish Orkney Islands. With him in 1901, 23 more skulls were discovered in the caves. The researchers assume that the bones were placed there only around 500 years after the establishment of the burial cave. The Remains to be around 4000 years old. The now reconstructed the animal was about as big as a Colli.

4000-year-old dog with the use of 3-D technology

Together with the staff of the Edinburgh University’s Royal School of Vererinary Studies of the HES got the skull by CT-Scan. This results in a 3-D is created-pressure, in turn, served as a template for a forensic artist. Amy Thornton have used the same method that was also used for the reconstruction of human heads. First, the model made of clay said to have been designed, then you’ve a Image of it made of silicone make, this, fur-covered and eyes applied. The fur was based, as recommended by experts, the European Wolf.

The dog’s reconstruction is part of a larger project in which the Public, the finds from the burial chambers of the Scottish Orkney-to be brought Islands closer.

sources: Historic Environment Scotland / The Guardian / BBC


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