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Krankenkasse TK: More complaints because of the potential for treatment errors (6.20 PM)the Governor of California Moratorium on executions (5.15 PM)impose new Zealand and United Arab Emirates ban on flights for the Boeing 737 Max (4.10 PM), SPD control proposes to grant for nursing care insurance (3.15 PM)Rheinische Post: Green call for higher fines for incorrectly Parker (0.25 PM)

The News of the day:

+++ 6.20 p.m.: health insurance Fund of TK: More complaints because of the potential for treatment errors +++

In the case of the technician health insurance (TK) are significantly received more complaints because of the potential for treatment errors. Therefore, all reported in the past year, nearly 6000 ten per cent more than in 2017, and a new maximum Insured, as the company announced, with a total of ten million Insured. Most of the complaints were, therefore, treatments by surgeons (33 percent), dentists and General practitioners. Approximately in every third case of suspected Reviews confirm. The Fund criticized part of the year long court proceedings, in such cases, and urged to strengthen the Position of patients in case of proof obligations.

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News of the day

May fail even with a new Brexit-Deal in Parliament

DPA +++ 5.30 PM: Two Dead in Anti-Terror operation in Indonesia +++

In the case of an Anti-Terror operation in Indonesia came on Wednesday, two people were killed. On the island of Sumatra, the wife of a suspected Islamists blew himself up, according to the police in the air. Your child died. The man himself was arrested. With more than 200 million faithful Muslims of the island state in South-East Asia, the world’s most populous Islamic country. Several times there were already severe attacks. According to the police, the use in the city of Sibolga in the North-West of the island. After the arrest of the man the police had surrounded the house. Then the woman detonated the explosive device. The police could not recover the body first, because it was feared that in the house for more explosives. The man is to belong to a group that is attributed to the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS).

+++ 5.15 PM: the Governor of California wants a Moratorium on executions +++

The Governor of the U.S. state of California, Gavin Newsom, wants to impose a Moratorium on executions. The death penalty was contrary to the values of California, in for Wednesday’s planned Statements made by the democratic Governor, which were pre-released. The Killing of a human being is “wrong”. According to the information of Newsoms office an execution cell to be closed in the prison of San Quentin. Recently a death sentence was enforced in 2006 in California. Since the re-introduction of the death penalty in the 1970s in the state of 13 prisoners were executed. In the Death row in California 737 prisoners are currently. The are more than in any other Federal state and represents about a quarter of the death row prisoners in the United States. Newsoms announcement does not mean, however, that prisoners are free.

+++ 4.10 PM: new Zealand and United Arab Emirates ban on flights for the Boeing 737 Max +++

To many other countries also impose new Zealand, and the United Arab Emirates have imposed a landing ban against all machines of the type Boeing 737 Max. In Australia, the decision shall apply without time limit, such as the national flight safety authority, the CAA announced on Wednesday in Wellington. Is affected, however, only the airline of Fiji, Fiji Airways. Other companies do not fly to new Zealand with Boeing’s 737 Max. The government flight bans are the result of two crashes of similar machines with a total of more than 340 dead, the most recent of which at the weekend in Ethiopia. Many Airlines put to a standstill the aircraft on Tuesday because of Doubts as to the security of the series first.

+++ 3.45 PM: cardinal Pell for child abuse was sentenced to six years in prison +++

The former chief financial officer of the Vatican, cardinal George Pell, is accused of sexual abuse of Minors has been sentenced to six years in prison. A court in Melbourne, announced the sentence against the 77-year-old Australian on Wednesday. Thus, the presiding judge Peter Kidd remained well below the possible maximum sentence of 50 years. Pell denies all the allegations. The former Confidante of Pope Francis goes against the judgment in appeal. The Curia, the cardinal had already been in December a jury found guilty to have in the 1990s, two of the then 13-year-old choir boys abused. At that time, Pell Archbishop of the Australian metropolis. Since the end of February, he is already sitting in prison. The appeal trial will probably start in June. Criminal-reducing judge Kidd evaluated, among other things, Pells age, his health and his life.


Parliament rejects revised Deal – now comes the hard Brexit?

DPA +++ 3.15 PM: SPD tax proposes to grant for care insurance +++

The SPD is a far-reaching Reform of the financing of the care insurance demands. SPD-Secretary-General Lars Klingbeil suggested a tax subsidy for long-term care insurance. “The self-interests of the patient must be predictable and reliable. Therefore, it is right to limit it,” he told the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” (Wednesday) in front of the German Day on Thursday. To stop the explosion of Costs in home care for the needy, is also a compulsory insurance for civil servants and self-employed persons is necessary. “Should all the sick in the same way and in solidarity in a civil insurance and-care insurance. If the Union does not want to the still, they should make their own proposals”, the resolution warned Kling.

+++ 2.20 PM: the SPD of the Leyen in the consultant affair in the protection +++

In the consultant’s affair, the Chairman of the defence Committee, Wolfgang light on me (SPD), defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU). There is “currently no reason” for the personal allegations against the Minister, said bright me of the “Saarbrücker Zeitung”. In the next week, the beginning of the investigation into the affair ends it is “not first and foremost a personal misconduct of the Minister”. Also, the accusation of corruption is not standing in the room, said the SPD Deputy. Rather, it is a possible incorrect allocation of funds. In the Ministry of defence-million dollar contracts have been awarded by bypassing the public procurement law. Also, the accusation dhe nepotism is in the room. The investigative Committee wants to question, among other things, von der Leyen personally.

+++ 1.45 PM: US and Taliban see progress in peace talks for Afghanistan +++

After the end of the recent peace talks on Afghanistan between the United States and the radical Islamic Taliban in Qatar, the two sides have made progress. The requirements for peace would have been “improved,” said the US envoy to Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, on Tuesday in Doha. Both sides wanted to end the war. To the future of the prevention of terrorism and a withdrawal of U.S. troops already in agreement would be drawn up. A Taliban spokesman confirmed that there had been two areas of progress. A spokesman for the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani welcomed the progress of the talks. In this, the Afghan government is not directly involved. Khalilzad restricted, that there would be no contract without an agreement in all the for the USA important points. This also include the intra-Afghan dialogue and a comprehensive ceasefire. Khalilzad announced a continuation of the talks in Washington.

+++ 1.15 PM: Tijuana, Mexico is the most dangerous city in the world +++

The Mexican border town of Tijuana is a ranking list of a non-governmental organization, in the past year, the most dangerous city in the world. In Tijuana, there have been 2018, a Rate of 138.2 homicides per 100 000 inhabitants, it said in a report by the non-profit organization, “citizen Council for security and criminal justice”, which was released on Tuesday. The Mexican coastal city of Acapulco had, therefore, 110,5 homicides per 100 000 inhabitants in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, to 99.9. For comparison: In Germany, in 2015 came to 100 000 inhabitants according to the Federal statistical office of 0.8 homicides.

+++ 0.25 at: Rheinische Post: Green call for higher fines for false Parker +++

in view of the growing problems with counterfeit parkerizing in the cities of the Green make for an increase in the fines. “The penalties for illegal Parking should be brought in line with the European average, to address misconduct more effectively,” said the Chairman of the Green parliamentary group in North Rhine-Westphalia Landtag, Arndt Klocke, of the düsseldorf “Rheinische Post” (Wednesday). Germany spent with his catalog of fines in the lower range compared with its European neighbors, – said Klocke. The CDU would face an increase in the fines open. “If this is in the fight against the illegal Parking, the only effective means, then it is about an adjustment in thinking,” said Klaus Voussem, traffic policy spokesman of the CDU parliamentary group.

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