Greek defence Minister withdraws The key messages in the Overview:

weather delays salvage of containers in the North sea (13.30)in Macedonia dispute (11.03 a.m.)the tenants ‘ property tax is no longer to Rent to kill (10.14 p.m.) – hunters are calling for extensive hunting of Nile geese (16.42 hrs)19 miners in mine accident in Northern China killed (5.29 PM)

The News of the weekend:

+++ 14.30 Uhr: Six Swiss die in collision of their minibus with a Truck in Sweden +++

Six Swiss came at the clash of their minibus with a truck in the North of Sweden lost his life. Another Swiss have survived the accident early Saturday morning on a country road Southeast of Kiruna injured, said the Swiss foreign Ministry on Sunday. According to police sources, all the inmates were younger than 30 years. The accident occurred in the vicinity of the beyond the Arctic circle town of Kiruna. The minibus was caught in a curve into the oncoming lane and a truck collided, reported Swedish media. The driver of the Truck had remained unharmed. The area around Kiruna is due to the intact nature is a popular destination for tourists. Initial information indicated that the Swiss were on the way back from a skiing holiday in Sweden.

+++ 13.30: weather delays salvage of containers in the North sea, more +++

The salvage of containers of the cargo ship “MSC Zoe” in the North sea by a special vessel will be delayed, according to the German Central command for Maritime emergencies is likely to continue. “Due to the continuing storm and poor weather prospects for the next few days could be the recovery only on Wednesday,” said a spokeswoman on Sunday.

Previously, the German Central command for Maritime emergencies was still assumed that the salvage ship “Atlantic Tonjer” could start on Monday with the inclusion of containers in the Ems estuary. Stormy weather prevented the planned salvage on Saturday, although the ship had arrived in the North sea off the Ems estuary already.

On Sunday morning, five meters prevented the high waves and “the high wind speed of seven to eight” in the fairway of the Ems, the use of the “Atlantic Tonjer”, said the spokesperson. The weather should calm down in the course of Sunday, may expire according to the German Central command for Maritime emergencies, a second exploration ship in search of containers in the direction of the Ems estuary, after which it remained on Saturday due to the weather in the port of Ijmuiden.

The “MSC Zoe” had on the way to Bremerhaven on the night of the 2. January, 291 Container, two lost, including with dangerous substances. These have not yet been located.

+++ 12.34 PM: number of dead after a gas explosion in Paris on four +++

rose, A day after the severe gas explosion in the centre of Paris, the death toll has risen to four. As the public Prosecutor’s office in the French capital announced on Sunday, was found in the rubble the body of a woman. The probably due to a gas leak triggered an Explosion in a building of the ninth district, was on Saturday devastation. First of all, it was said that a Spanish tourist and two firefighters were also killed and 47 other people were injured. Was missing, also a young woman. May be it is the fourth death of the victim.


An Aerial view shows the extent of the destruction

©CARL LABROSSE AFP +++ 11.53 am: a child and four adults in Taliban attack in Afghanistan killed +++

radical Islamic Taliban have attacked in the West of Afghanistan, a police station and killed five people, including a child and three police officers. The attack occurred on Saturday night in Herat, the capital of the homonymous province, said a spokesman for the provincial Governor on Sunday. All three attackers were killed during a two-hour battle, he said. In addition, one of the Taliban left behind, and with explosive-Laden vehicle was blown up in a controlled manner. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack as their spokesman Kari Yusuf Ahmadi tweeted.

+++ 11.15 PM: After the Explosion in Paris – a Young woman still missing

will went missing A day after the heavy Explosion in the centre of Paris, still a young woman. It has been searched for on Sunday morning, the Paris Prosecutor’s office said.

In the Explosion, which was most likely triggered by a gas leak, died on Saturday according to official figures, three people – two firefighters and a Spanish tourist. Dozens of people were injured.

Several injured

Two people die in a violent Explosion in the center of Paris


The accident occurred at about 9 o’clock in the Rue de Trévise, about a Kilometer away from the Paris Opera. Several houses were damaged. Hundreds of people were unable to enter their apartments in the area for the time being, as the newspaper “Le Figaro” reported. They were housed by the authorities in alternative accommodation.

+++ 11.03 am: the Greek defence Minister resigns in Macedonia-armed back +++

Greece’s defense Minister Panos Kammenos of the right-wing populist coalition partner, the Independent Greeks (Anel) is in the name dispute with Macedonia, resigned. He give up because of the Macedonia question, his office, his party withdraw from the government, said Kammenos on Sunday after a Meeting with the head of government Alexis Tsipras. The decision was made shortly before the vote in the Greek Parliament on the new name of Macedonia.

+++ 10.36 am: Spanish tourist among the death victims in Paris +++

After the heavy Explosion in the centre of Paris, the number of dead according to official data, three increased. In addition to two firefighters, a Spanish tourist was killed, said a spokeswoman for the French interior Ministry on Saturday evening, the German press Agency. The Spanish foreign Minister, Josep Borrell wrote on Twitter that he deeply regrets the death of three people in the Explosion, including a Spanish woman.


“The woman in the yellow jacket”: talk show-spectator decomposed Theresa May verbally

+++ 10.14 PM: the tenants: the estate tax is no longer on Hire to kill +++

on the verge of a Bund-Länder-top of the basic meeting on the Reform of tax, the German tenants ‘ Association has requested that the tax not the tenant. “The property tax is a property tax. You must all owners are paid by landlords,” said tenants ‘ Association-Director Lukas Siebenkotten in Berlin on Sunday. It should be made clear by Statute that the reason for not going to tax passed on to the tenant. “The Position of “property tax” is the cost of the operation to delete the catalog without replacement.”

On Monday wants to talk to the Federal Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) with national colleagues on the Reform of the land tax. The Federal constitutional court has demanded because of outdated bases, in the calculation of the tax Reform. This should be decided by the end of 2019 from the Bundestag and the Bundesrat. Scholz wants to take greater account of the value and the resulting net rent for each property, which is why regional differences for a greater degree of increase. As in the past, approximately 14 billion euros will flow of revenue for municipalities and cities. The Scholz model, but in the Grand coalition and also among the countries in dispute.

+++ 8.14 PM: Australian police search for missing German a +++

The Australian authorities have set the search for two weeks in the hot and dry Outback of the missing German. Despite an extensive search of the aircraft and drones were used, had been found no clues to the whereabouts of the 62-year-old tourist, said the police boss in the state of Northern Territory, Pauline Vicary, on Saturday. At the same time, the police called the boss of the potential witnesses that could do something about the whereabouts of the German knowledge, to report. Clues to a crime, there was, according to Vicary. Most recently, the 62-Year-old had been seen in the area of Emily Gap, and these had been searched “thoroughly”. The wanderer had to leave their Hotel in Alice Springs on new year’s day and apparently on the way to the Emily Gap made, a tourist town in a remote nature Park. After the tourist did not return as planned, a few days later in her Hotel, turned on the police. In the Region, with an average of more than 40 degrees Celsius. The missing Germans had, according to Reports, only a cashmere scarf as protection against the desert sun.

+++ 7.12 PM: hunters are calling for extensive hunting on the Nile geese +++

Given the rapid increase in the number of Nilgänsen of the German hunting Association has called for a uniform nationwide hunting. The percentage of territories with breeding pairs have doubled between 2009 and 2017, nationwide, more than, a DJV spokesman in Berlin. More than a third of the areas 71 percent more than eight years previously had Occurrence has been reported. Breeding birds were seen in 23 per cent of the areas. In North Rhine-Westphalia and lower Saxony are already in 60 per cent of the areas which responded to the Monitoring. “We are calling for the nationwide hunting in accordance with uniform Standards, in order to prevent further ecological and economic damage to long term,” said DJV spokesman Torsten Reinwald. Native species should be protected from the often aggressive occurring animals. Currently you are only in nine States jagdbar.

+++ 5.29 PM: 19 miners in mine accident in Northern China killed +++

killed In a collapse in a coal mine in China 19 miners are killed. Two miners were trapped after the accident on Saturday in the Northern province of Shaanxi, reported the official news Agency Xinhua citing local authorities. 66 miners were rescued from the pit of the company Baiji Mining. The cause of the disaster will still be investigated, it said. Because of the lack of safety measures in Chinese mines again and again to deadly accidents. In December, seven people died in a mining accident in the southwestern Chinese city of Chongqing, three more were injured. In the October 21 Coal miner came in the Eastern province of Shandong died after falling rocks they had included. Only a miner could be rescued.

+++ 3.29 PM: Israeli air strikes in the Gaza strip after Palestinian rocket attack +++

After a rocket attack from the Gaza strip, has flown the Israeli army retaliatory attacks in the Palestinian territory. Israeli fighter jets had fired on “two of the subterranean structures” of Gaza’s ruling radical Islamic Hamas, said the army in the short message service Twitter. “We will continue to be in use, in order to defend Israeli civilians,” it said. Security sources in Gaza said that the city had been hit by Israeli air strikes, it was but got no one to harm. On Friday, it had again been violent protests on the border between the Gaza strip and Israel. According to the Hamas health Ministry, the Israeli soldiers, a 43-year-old Palestinian woman being shot in the head. 25 Palestinians were injured. Since the end of March, there is on the border between the Gaza strip and Israel regularly clashes between Palestinians and the Israeli army. At least 241 Palestinians have been killed since then, including three women. In the same period, two Israeli soldiers were killed. The Palestinian protesters are calling for the repeal of the of Israel in front of more than ten years imposed Blockade of the Gaza strip. Also, you claim the right to return of Palestinians to their Land, they had to leave in the Wake of the founding of the state of Israel in 1948.

+++ 1.18 PM: Kramp-Karrenbauer wants Annegret refugee policy since 2015 to the test +++

The new CDU leader, Kramp-Karrenbauer wants to put all of the migration policy measures since the beginning of the refugee crisis in 2015 to the test. “Our security agencies need to be more assertive, also in the area of the entire Migration,” said Kramp-Karrenbauer of the “world on Sunday”. In February, the CDU “a Workshop on wool”. It is about “a General debate, starting with the decisions in 2015, up to today”. “We will look at the entire immigration question of the protection of the external border on the asylum procedures, Integration from the point of view of effectiveness,” said Kramp-Karrenbauer. Together with experts of the EU border protection Agency, Frontex, to the Federal office for Migration and refugees (Bamf) is to be examined, “what at which point” should be.

news from Saturday

+++ 18.11 PM: Tuesday: Strike at airports in Saxony and Thuringia +++

Due to warning Strikes of security personnel at the airports in Leipzig/Halle, Dresden and Erfurt travellers on the need to Tuesday expect further restrictions. “After four unsuccessful negotiation, we need to show round to the employer that we stand behind the claims,” said Christel temple of the Union Verdi in Leipzig. At Germany’s largest airport in Frankfurt, the trade unions Verdi and DBB for the Tuesday had called for a warning strike.

+++ 17.40: Truck toll operator Toll Collect will remain in the public sector +++

the Federal transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) has decided to toll a media report says that against a privatisation of the Truck operator Toll Collect. The Federal government should now remain the owner of the company, reported the mirror, citing information from the Ministry. The vote of the Minister means a u-turn, writes the magazine. Scheuer have Toll Collect actually to 1. March into private hands. Since last September, the Federal government is the owner of Toll Collect. Against privatisation had last addressed especially the Green and also on the opinion of the Federal court of auditors referred to.

+++ 16.42 PM: in Front of your family, who had fled Saudi Arabia in Canada arrived +++

The fear of her family, who had fled Saudi Arabia Rahaf Mohammed al Kunun arrived in Canada, where she is granted asylum. Al Kunun landed with a plane in Toronto. The 18-Year-old had previously sat for days in Bangkok, where they had been stopped at the time of their escape.

+++ 16.42 PM: Japanese qualifier Suzuki is surprisingly Darts world champion +++

Mikuru Suzuki has completely brought a surprising title for the first time as a Darts world champion in the British Darts Organisation (BDO). The Japanese qualifier beat in the final the top-seeded Lorraine Winstanley from England with a clear 3:0. On your way to the title in English, Frimley Green Suzuki in the first round also last year’s winner Lisa Ashton defeated that competed at the world Association of PDC in December for men and in the first game was a failure.

+++ 15.20 PM: city of Washington allows couples in spite of “Shutdown,” the marriage +++

True love overcomes all obstacles – even the “Shutdown” in the United States. Since the Federal-funded state offices in the capital city of Washington lock due to the budget since three weeks ago, may now, exceptionally, officials from the municipality of marriage. The mayor of Washington, Muriel Bowser signed on Friday an order to that effect. The abbreviation for the 90-day special scheme is “Love”. “You can close the American government, but you can not extinguish the love in the district of Columbia,” said Councilman Brandon Todd at the presentation of the text. The special regime wanted to use on Saturday, among others, Sam Bock Hauer and Claire O’rourke. They had already feared to have to your wedding party, without having previously married, said O’rourke, the AFP news Agency.

+++ 12.57 PM: at Least twelve people died in the Explosion of a Öltransporters in Nigeria +++

In the Explosion of an overturned Öllastwagens have been killed in the South of Nigeria, at least twelve people. 22 more people had been brought in after the incident on Friday afternoon with severe burns in the hospital, police said on Saturday. Eye-witnesses spoke of a much higher number of deaths. Accordingly, about 60 people had tried, from the overturned tanker truck in the town of Odukpani to bleed as the vehicle exploded.

Nigeria is Africa’s largest oil Producer. Nevertheless, many of the inhabitants are poor. Often they will try despite the risk to remove the Oil from leaking pipelines or tanker trucks. “The police recovered some bodies,” said an eye-witness Richard Johnson. “Of many others, only ash remained”.

+++ 12.30 PM: Explosion in Paris – and 36 wounded +++

In the case of the Explosion in Paris shortly before the beginning of the announced “yellow West”protests were 36 people injured, a police spokeswoman said. Twelve of them had severe injuries, five were in life-threatening danger. Among the severely injured three firefighters. The Explosion occurred at about 9 p.m. on Saturday in the Rue de Trévise, about a Kilometer away from the Paris Opera. Much of the language for an accident.

+++ 11.50 am: in Thuringia the CDU-chief Mohring argues for a minimum pension +++

in Thuringia, the CDU chief Mike Mohring has required prior to the parliamentary elections in the autumn, in East Germany, the introduction of a minimum pension. You should be ten percent on the basic security, reported the news magazine “der Spiegel” on Saturday. The call standing in one of Mohring co-authored the request for a meeting of the CDU Executive Committee on Sunday. After that, the state should top up low pensions of long-term Insured.

“For the internal cohesion is important, as some believe, to answer the question of Pensions in the East not politically correct,” said Mohring. A minimum pension would be of benefit also to those “for life or fault, by the collapse of the GDR economy, only broken employment histories have worked,” citing the “mirror” from the paper.

+++ 9.40 am: Heavy Explosion in the centre of Paris +++

In a bakery in the centre of Paris, it arrived on Saturday morning to an Explosion. Several people had been injured, said a police spokeswoman in the German press-Agency, without mentioning Details. There is a fire, the Explosion in the Rue de Trévise was strong. The cause is still unclear, it said. Originally, the fire brigade had been called because of the Leakage of Gas to the bakery. The Explosion occurred about a Kilometer away from the Paris Opera. Television pictures showed a massive Fire, smoke poured from the building. Several panes of glass in the area had been destroyed by the force of the Explosion, media reported.


A picture of the devastation: rescue workers carry an injured Person out of a destroyed building


The authorities in Paris are due to announced demonstrations of the “yellow West” in the alert. About 5000 security forces in the capital, the protests. In the case of the demonstrations in the past weeks of violence and rioting. Especially Paris was affected.

+++ 9.12 PM: Refugees Saudi Arabia on the way to Canada +++

The junge Saudi Arabia Rahaf Mohammed el-Kunun is expected to escape from your family this Saturday in Canada. The 18-Year-old had competed in the Thai capital, Bangkok, a line of flight in their future home. Photos showed, how it sits in the machine.

her case has attracted international attention: in the Meantime, the young woman who has renounced Islam threatened with deportation back to Saudi Arabia. With a campaign on Twitter, it managed to prevent this.

+++ Ticker +++

News of the day

Heavy bus accident in Cuba – a German among the death victims

AFP +++ 8.18 PM: FDP. throws Scholz sleight of hand in budget +++

The FDP accuses Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) trickery in the Federal budget “The now proclaimed Surplus in 2018 is not needed tax money from the citizens,” said the budget policy spokesman of the FDP parliamentary group, Otto Fricke, the German press Agency. “That Scholz can spend this in 2019 at all, he owes his Trick with the shadow budget of the Asylum.” This was not foreseen in the budget law.

According to the Federal Ministry of Finance, the Federal budget has made in the past year, according to preliminary Figures, a Surplus of 11.2 billion euros. The money will again flow into the reserve to cope with the refugee influx. For the next few years, the money for the implementation of the coalition agreement of CDU, CSU and SPD agreed actions is provided.

+++ 6.26 PM: Florida’s new Governor sets due to Parkland school massacre, Sheriff +++

The new Governor of the state of Florida, Ron DeSantis, has dropped off because of dealing with the Parkland school massacre the local Sheriff. The Sheriff of the district of Broward County, Scott Israel, had made after the shooting in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in February of 2018, repeated errors, and “a pattern of bad leadership shown,” said DeSantis on Friday (local time) at a press conference. The Republicans even went so far as to say that the firearms attack with 17 deaths might be “never happened, had Broward had a better leadership in the Sheriff’s office”. As Israel’s successor, the Governor appointed the former police officer Gregory Tony. This directs the private security company Blue Spear Solutions, the attacks on the handling of firearms, such as in Parkland is specialized.

border weather location

Deep “Donald” and High – “Angela” for bad weather over Germany

+++ 4.18 PM: Three Dead and 23 injured in bus accident in Canada’s capital, Ottawa +++

In the case of a serious bus accident in the canadian capital of Ottawa, three people were killed and 23 more injured came in. 14 injured were brought in a life-threatening condition to the hospital, said a spokesman for the rescue workers. Ottawa mayor Jim Watson spoke at a press conference of a “grey misfortune”. According to police, a double-Decker bus in a bus stop dangers was in the middle of the evening rush hour. Pictures of canadian TV stations, it was evident that by the force of the impact, a large part of the upper Busetage was demolished. The rescue workers had to use ladders to mountains in the freezing cold to the injured.

+++2.25 PM: after 17 people died in a fire in a rehab clinic in Ecuador +++

a fire At a rehab clinic in the Ecuadorian city of millions, Guayaquil, came on Friday at least 17 people were killed. They were all suffocated, reported the news site “El Universal”. A dozen people were injured accordingly. More than 60 firefighters were used to extinguish the flames. In the clinic, on the outskirts of the port city of alcoholic and drugs and helped addicted people.

+++ 1.15 PM: report: Fewer attacks on hostels for asylum seekers +++

The number of attacks on hostels for asylum seekers has fallen significantly in the past year, however, but is attacked almost every other day, such a accommodation. As the “New osnabrück newspaper”, with reference to provisional Figures of the Federal criminal police office (BKA) reported, were until the beginning of December 2018 (as at 3. December) nationwide 143 crimes against asylum accommodation registered. Statistically, all of the 2.3 days was the victim of an attack. 2017 312 crimes against asylum were registered accommodations.

+++ 0.18 PM for the First time, victims in the “yellow West”-protests in Belgium +++

for the First time in the “yellow West”protests in Belgium, one of the participants died. A load the man who was involved in a street of the “yellow West lock” on a highway in Eastern Belgium have not seen, and hit him, reported Belgian media after the accident on Friday evening. The man was still succumbed at the scene from his injuries. The accident happened on the E25 highway between the Belgian city of liège to the Dutch city of Maastricht, the news Agency Belga. In the protest action near the Dutch border, had taken part, therefore, between 20 and 30 “yellow West”. In France, several “Yellow jackets are already” in protest actions in life. The protest movement, with yellow safety vests, was created in the middle of November, and had found, in Belgium, quickly imitated by others. Originally, the “yellow West demonstrated” against high fuel prices, meanwhile, they denounce but, in General, the decline in purchasing power. Similar to how in France, the protests in Belgium from degenerated again and again into violence, there were numerous arrests.

jek / DPA / AFP

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