Donald Trump is for the rumble, but this Time he is presiding: Primetime on Tuesday evening (local time) the US President from the Oval Office to the American. Nine and a half minutes long, it sets out again, full of Pathos, why the USA need at the border to Mexico from his point of view, not necessarily a bulwark. Before he does not get from Congress the money for it, he makes it clear he does not want to finish the budget freeze, the since 18 days, parts of his government to a standstill. The “Shutdown” in the United States could become the longest in the history.

Trump has promised in the election campaign of 2016, the wall is being built – and that Mexico paid you. Not surprisingly, Mexico does not even think about. Therefore, Trump is now asking from Congress – the US Parliament – 5.7 billion dollars for the construction. The Republicans need votes from the Democrats. But immediately after his TV address clear that they are still not willing to Finance the wall. Trump refuses to accept a Budget bill to sign, in which there is no funding for the construction are included.

Donald Trump is threatening years of stagnation,

The result of the stalemate: the end of the “shutdown” is still not in sight. Trump has threatened the financial barrier for the concerned authorities to the Plight over the years to maintain it – what appears to be hardly practicable so far, the longest

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took speech to the Nation

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“Shutdown power” in US history up to 21 days. Trump has also brought a second variant to the game: He could declare a “National emergency”, thus himself far-reaching powers to grant and try to leave the wall without the consent of the Congress building. Whether that would hold up in court, however, is questionable.

Trump wants to try it, therefore, initially more through negotiation. So far, the Democrats give iron. The Chairman of the house of representatives, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, said after his speech: “President Trump needs to stop holding the American people hostage, he must cease to fabricate a crisis, and he must get the government Running again.” The Democrats, Trump moved away in the meantime by a wall made of concrete – now he wants to leave a barrier of steel to build. So far, this swing has not impressed the Democrats.

The number of illegal border crossings vary

Trump argues, Criminals and terrorists come across the southern border into the country like drugs. In the case of a one-hour press conference on Monday, Vice-President Mike Pence and homeland security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen languages beaten 36 Times of a “crisis”. Pence said, on the border with Mexico, in the meantime, 2,000 people were arrested for illegal border crossing.

figures from the White house should be treated with caution, as the facts of checks of U.S. media lead. If the number of votes and one would expect the year – which may, because of seasonal fluctuations is not a reliable result -that would, theoretically, to 730,000 migrants. That would be more than in any year since 2008, according to statistics of the customs and border protection CBP is apparent – but much less than the peak year of 2000, when the number stood at more than 1.6 million.

Trump sold the building of the Berlin wall as a humanitarian gesture

Trump has now launched a PR Offensive, to the construction of the wall through. The TV address from the Oval Office belonged to, this Thursday, the President will also travel to the border. Also the tone has changed: Warned Trump before the congressional elections in November before an “Invasion” by immigrants from South America, so he wants to sell the building of the wall now as a kind of humanitarian gesture. The White house argued, migrants would be held by the bulwark, the dangerous March to the North in the first place.

“This is a humanitarian crisis. A crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul,” says Trump in his television address. “This is the cycle of human suffering, I am determined to finish it.” Then he enumerates cases in which illegal immigrant in the United States, people have been killed. “Dozens of families” he had met, the members would have lost. “So sad. So terribly,” says Trump. “How much American blood must we shed before the Congress is doing its job?”

government officials get no content

With each day that the wall in dispute and the “Shutdown” continues, there is growing pressure on Trump and the Congress to find an agreement. For nine ministries and numerous government agencies ran with the dawn of the 22. December financing. What sounds abstract, has effects on the everyday life, because many agencies only work in emergency mode or not at all. And for the concerned government employees, the “Shutdown” has very concrete consequences – namely, the content.

According to the government, around 800,000 of them were sent either into the forced leave, or, you first have to work without pay. In the latter category, employees of the public service, whose work is classified as “essential” are not covered, in order to bring public life to a standstill – for example, Security inspectors at airports.

Americans are living paycheck to paycheck

Normally, the content of “shutdown will be paid” retroactively. For many Americans – other than the Germans are not a nation of savers – this is still a problem: they live from paycheck to paycheck. The US-based Bank reported in the past year, 40 percent of Americans could not cope with an unexpected expense in the amount of $ 400 (less than 350 Euro), all without borrowing money or having possession to sell.

Newly-elected Congress starts work

From “Europe doesn’t matter to me” to “Shutdown” Trump between attack and outstretched Hand


In General, government employees get every two weeks a check each Friday. A salary was already, and without a quick deal will be next Friday, no money.

Trump said last Sunday that he could not understand the Concerns of Federal employees””, know, how, you should pay your bills. This is a bold statement for Trump, whose fortune is estimated the magazine “Forbes” in the past year, to 3.1 billion dollars. The President said, in view of the lack of paychecks: “I’m sure that the Mewant, affected, make adjustments.” What is meant is: that you have a while to buckle the belt, just tighten.

“He’s lying all the time,”

A forced on leave, employees of the Ministry of justice, who asked not to be named, says: “Excuse my choice of words, but this is Bullshit.” Trump’s threat of a months – or even year-long “shutdown” was “depressing”. The Affected have families and ongoing payment obligations, but no other income. “I am not ultra liberal, but I don’t know how people can believe in. He’s lying all the time. And he has no idea of how people live.”

While Trump and the Democrats do to each other for the “Shutdown”, answered the debt question from the point of view of the judicial employee’s “100 percent”. Because Trump could not comply with his promise, to ask Mexico for the wall to the cashier, “does he payers of innocent American tax how to hurt me”. That the wall will bring something, don’t believe it. “People will find other ways to come into the country.” Why Trump holding so steadfastly to the bulwark? “He wants a wall on the one day his Name is. As another Trump Tower.”

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