wanted success for the police Department of Houston: A week after an Unknown in the Texas city shots on a mother and her four children are fired and the seven-year-old Jazmine had hit Barnes deadly, have taken the investigators to a Suspect. How the American media consistently report, is a 20-year-old man who had confessed to the shooting. And he reflected a suspicion of language: Apparently, Jazmine has become the victim of a mix-up and not a racist fact.

Jazmine was on Sunday of last week with her three sisters and mother on the way back from a Walmart in the city. As you were just about to leave the Parking lot, drove a red Pickup Truck next to their car and opened fire. Jazmine, who was sitting in the back seat, was hit in the head and died. Her mother took a bullet in the hip.

The death of the little girl has stirred the whole of Houston

The death of the little girl has stirred the whole town. Civil rights activists and the mother of the suspected fast a racist motive behind the act, because the victims are black and the oldest sister of Jazmine wanted to have seen a white man with a Beard around the age of 40. According to the description of a phantom was customized image. Has fueled the racism theory by the fact that there had been one and half years ago a similar case. At that time, a young Black, and his grandmother had been shot at during a car journey on the same Highway. Both of the victims had a hard time to survive injured. The shooter had never been caught. The assumption was, that he had now struck again.

violent crime in Houston

“Help us find the Monster“: Unknown out shoots seven-year-old out of the car

By Tim Schulze

activists held on Saturday, a citizens’ rally to take on the case. Within a week they were able to raise the reward, which was suspended on the offender, by donations of $ 35,000 to 100,000. Financial aid went directly to the family, to allow Jazmine a proper burial. The whole country took part.

The Suspect came to the police finally according to own statement through a hint on the trace. One of the civil rights activists had received an anonymous E-Mail and the investigator forwarded. The arrest of the Suspects made a u-turn. In the case of the Confessed is not a White man with a Beard, but a young Black man with the name Eric Black, jr. The white man exists, he should only have been a witness to the fact.

There seems to be a second offender

Eric Black, jr. has said in his hearing that not he, but a passenger had fired at the car of the family, he had only sat at the wheel. The shooter should also be called a Black and Larry Woodruffe. A man with the same name sitting since Saturday because of a drug offence in custody. Whether it is the passenger, is currently being investigated. Black has also been, where to find the murder weapon, a Nine Millimeter hand gun.

The current findings seem to confirm the initial assumption by the police that Jazmine victim of a tragic mix-up. A statement from Blacks speaks. Accordingly, the alleged Killer got to know only from the news that they shot a little girl. On Monday, the Black should be charged with murder, even if it should only be the driver. This allows a controversial Texas law, because the victim is under ten years old. This could have the death penalty.

sources: “CNN” , “BBC”, “the Houston Chronicle”

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