What happens if you discover at the other end of the world a hitherto unknown living beings? Exactly, this is only a name. It was the scientists that are encountered in Panama on a new amphibian species, but somehow boring. They decided that naming the highest bid to auction.

$ 25,000 for a name

But the number after the: In Panama, a worm was discovered. The is approximately 15 inches long and as good as blind. That’s why he buries himself to the loved one under the earth. Thanks to the $ 25,000, which has taken the company ENVIRO build for the auction in the Hand, the worm is now officially the name of Dermophis donaldtrumpi . The money went to the Non-Profit organization Rainforest Trust.


The animal was discovered in Panama.

©Rainforest Trust

you read that Correctly: the name of the grey worm, US President, Donald Trump. As justification, the company lists on his Blog several similarities that connect the worm and Trump: the animal is almost blind, and sees his world only in black and white like Donald Trump. In addition, the worm is wearing an extra layer of skin in order to feed his children. Trump doing this in a similar way: “As a method to secure the Survival of his children, to assures you of Donald Trump high Places in the Oval Office.” To is last the animal when in danger, simply head in the Sand. His namesake look like in the event of problems-for example, when it comes to climate change.

Just discovered and already threatened with extinction

And this is the exact Dermophis donaldtrumpi unfortunately falls to the victims, the risk of extinction. Compared to the BBC ENVIRO build-the co-founder Aidan Bell said that the little worm will be to the direct victim of its namesake in the White house.

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